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[Announcement] Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 4 AM EDT on April 17th

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    be rdy 2 weeks of nothing


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      Originally posted by TheFake View Post
      You idiot ! It clearly states " pet bunny " like in the bdc -__- moron

      This <3, thx for pointing it out so i didn't have to.
      Server:Eternal Sanctum
      IGN: (S57)Marsilio
      Lv 150 Eidolon Combat Rogue
      Pet: , Guardian Angel Gen 5 +13, Ultrasaurus rex Gen 1 +13, Scorpy Gen 1 +13
      Soul completion: 1700+
      Promethean Wings IV
      Auguric Frag X +14

      P.S. DeathDealer is my honey.


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        Expect the expected.
        Server: (S22)Tyria Village, (S70)Silent Sands
        Name: Kairu, FrostnSnow

        The question isn't who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.


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          I hope they really let us have it with the April tokens this week. Since they changed the IoB packs instead of adding an orange pack. They took out Divine and Promethean from the token exchange. Now I can focus on getting my Rocky and fusing it with my Gen 1 turtle lvl 20 OP!

          Maybe get lvl 120 pvp gear for the ones that can't get esd, since they are using lvl 80 in a lvl 150 world…. It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight… Points and pays to consume should be permanent events. Possibly lvl 80-90 ladder, more levels to void, maybe 30. PLEASE OH PLEASE come out with a guaranteed Ultimate Dragon Crystal with 100% success rate no matter what!!!

          We only want the simple things...