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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 6/26 Update

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  • [Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 6/26 Update



    New System: Pet Training

    Click image for larger version

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    1. Summon the pet you wish to train and click the [Train] button below their avatar.
    2. Select the type of training you want to do, Standard or Advanced.

    a. Standard Training: Requires Gold. You get a certain number of these attempts shared between your pets daily.
    b. Advanced Training: Requires Crystal. There is no limit to this.

    3. Click [Train] to train your pet, refreshing the value of stats in the [After] column.
    4. If you're happy with the results, click [Save] and the stats will be applied.

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    It seems that the feedback thread that you made before are completely useless, you just keep releasing lame events like these, invaders but the token exchange sucks, no Soul Star, no Chi Essence, and the previous items such as DF, PF, Red Adamantite, etc are all gone... *sigh*


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      the new pet training is too costly, I just paid 1p for training with negative stats


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        Originally posted by gelo28 View Post
        the new pet training is too costly, I just paid 1p for training with negative stats
        Wow lol thanks for the heads us guess one thing I wont be doing
        Life too short to live with regrets


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          Originally posted by luigihunter00 View Post
          Wow lol thanks for the heads us guess one thing I wont be doing
          sometimes gives +1 up to +5 to random stats but also gives -1 up to -5 to random stats, dunno if they're messing with me, cuz my pet is int type and they give me + to strength and other stats but no int (even gave me minus points to int) lol . though you can always save only the stats you want, 10g per click is still to costly.


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            I really like tank pets for this since they only focus on the end stat. However, for offensive pets it might be a bit trickier.
            What the mini showcase doesn't say is that you can + on the side of the stat you want and increase the max you can get to 200(max for everyone at the start is 100.) Only bad part is that it cost crystal (10 to get to 200. 20 to get to 300. I don't know if it goes up by 10 or doubles at the moment. Sorry.
            Anywho when you upgrade it, it doesn't show in your pet window but the stats are applied. It seems pretty nice if there's no limit, but boy will it be costly at 2p per day if it stays at 10g a try.
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              Wow.. Lame, Really lame..


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                Okay the stats do show in the pet window, they will show in purple in your pet window like this (a low level first gen teeka that I have)

                It is true that it is a gamble, you have the possibility of getting negative stats. But the stat boosts for the positive are worth it if you have good luck. You can also, click the save button to save those stats to your pet as many times as you desire. So if you click the train button 5 times then you can save each set of those stats. You can continue to raise the maximum points up to 1000 max.

                The system has massive potential. Think about the stat increases that you could make on an already strong Gen 5 pet. It will be worth the cost of the system if you are using it on a pet that is worth it.

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                  Well im not sure what it matters anyways. The font has been changed and although it is visible just like mount feeds, we'll never b able to actually c the stats anyways once u get into the quadruple digits.