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[Guide] Avernal Realm

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    Originally posted by R2288716 View Post
    First off, if your eating HP orbs like candy, you must be a rather weak player and be constantly getting killed. They work nice when making big scores and what not, but shouldn't be used constantly as a crutch. Maybe a rouge or a weak defense class would need then, but acording to your sig, your a knight so you shouldn't need them so badly.
    Second, survival should not be considered a means to get items since the event was "never ever" finished and is still an incomplete event.
    Third, there needs to be more then one way, if at least 5 different methods to get gmuts in this game, not event based. There needs to be better methods since the cries for more gmuts is constantly going unheard.
    Knights are the ones that tank 80% of the time when it comes to ladder/dungeons/other things.
    The fact that they eat Health Orbs like "candy" is because they are needed in order to tank longer (obviously).
    This way, it prevents the DPS and Support players to not die.

    Having a GMUT every 2-4 weeks is actually quiet stupid and silly.
    If the players actually cared so much about their GMUT Event, they would have noticed there's a pattern to the Event.
    About every 1 1/2 - 2 months - the GMUT event pops back in.

    This is to give players a chance to gather up as much platinum as they can in order to upgrade their Mounts.
    Why have a GMUT Event every 2-4 weeks when that's not even enough time to get money for even one upgrade - unless you're a Mall Item Seller?

    These are all simple reasons that need to be considered by the players.
    Some people who always say "GMUT EVENT PLSSSSS" don't even have 1 platinum - so why have it?
    I don't think people understand how much platinum is even needed for 1 upgrade. What makes you think they'll even get it?

    Survival is a very great component to get GMUTs and actually very easy to do once you get the hang of it.
    Survival just requires experience - and I know some players that don't even do Survival anymore.
    Once you know the simple logistics behind Survival, then getting a Guru Medal once a day is NOT a problem.

    Having so many methods in order to obtain GMUTs is also silly. Having Survival and the Exchange from General Krahn is darn well enough - and then releasing the GMUT Event once every 1 1/2 - 2 months as I've stated above.
    And their cries are constantly going unheard? Are you blind or are you just ignorant?
    Every suggestion is always noted - and then we, the Moderators have a little "meeting" in order to see which suggestions are actually good and not.
    All you players think about are the benefits it gives - and never the negative aspects of what they give.

    Ponder this for a moment before replying.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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      My question is that lets say that someone gets Avernal pack II "Avernal Pack II (110 Points) - Randomly receive TWO items in the Avernal Pack." so could there be a chance to receive for example Soul Shard x5 * 2 for from 1 Avernal pack II? Please reply so I know whether to save till pack IV or just get the I, thanks.
      Stalkers OP.

      Best (ex) R2 employee quote: "Be kind to your fellow players ~ you never know when they are alt GMs "


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        can u lessen the dmg from the boss to palyers? used about 6 orbs in 30 min >.< high dmg from the mob is not necessary in my point of view.
        Server: Blackrock Gorge
        Class: Mage
        Guild: Judgement


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          oh and i got highest dmg points just now and received "warrior's pack" that contains no useful things. but it's okay since it's free, just wanna know how to get the "Avernal pack"
          Server: Blackrock Gorge
          Class: Mage
          Guild: Judgement


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            Originally posted by Sidoh View Post
            apparently you've never been to higher level ladder floors my friend. i am a decent knight, nothing special. still working on core soul nodes, still working on better eqs and full sets of flawless gems. i use no orbs in any of the dungeons i run up to psycho NM and only when i lag do i need them on exelorn. i don't have too much of an issue in pk...but health orbs in general for ladder i will eat 6+ in any given yes i gladly accept more orbs. tanks without orbs in ladder is a useless tank. once they die its usually over on floors where their tanking is crucial to passing on to the next floor when the healer can't pack enough juice in their heals. go troll someone else please.
            It's quite obvious actually, they've never been to floor 51+ in ladder, so they don't know what they're saying. It's not only knight that needed health orbs. I practically had to burn 4-5 health orbs per day as a mage just to get to floor 56. I just don't have enough health orbs, if I can get 20+ health orbs per day, i'll take it, but mana orbs can be discarded or removed from game forever, still not sure what's the use of mana orb at all. I don't think that there's a single class that need it for now, unless there's bunch of monsters that zero your mp in 1 hit.


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              *sigh* here's another event that doesn't fit in with my timetable x.x
              If I post something really weird that makes no sense whatsoever it means I'm not mentally there at the time I post it (probably sleep deprived)

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                Originally posted by BlueHora View Post
                Why couldnt I register my points? I had 25 points and I headed to the NPC to register, but he kept saying "You have not met the requirement".

                We killed all mobs, btw.
                Players will receive this message if they try to register their points more than once. The next time you enter, check your point total to see if your points were saved successfully or not, which they should have been.


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                  YAY! Easy way to earn Puris!!
                  Server: Shrine of Kithara (Merged with Lycanmarsh, Celestial Peaks, Celestial Palace, The Void, Angel Island, and Tyria Village)
                  Character: Miek
                  Pet: Burning Angel<3
                  Level: 86 Scion


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                    Pretty broken... DPS classes benefit the most because they can wrack up damage quickly


                    • #55
                      only thing worth it on my server is the pcs...


                      • #56
                        Where do you enter?


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                          btw can u change the time for this event as well? it's the same time as gotor and most of my guild members cannot attend the 1:30pm Avernal. i notice how crowded the events become. first of all, can u shorten the events by 5 min for ppl to run from one event to the next? For example, the 1:30pm Avernal ends at 2:00pm and Dragon spine starts at 2:00pm. Second, try not to put two events, guild or others, at the same time period. there is a big gap which has no event opens between 10:15am(after nimbus bath) and 1:00pm(delivery). this would help us a lot, ty.
                          Server: Blackrock Gorge
                          Class: Mage
                          Guild: Judgement


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                            Originally posted by R2CS_Pat View Post
                            Players will receive this message if they try to register their points more than once. The next time you enter, check your point total to see if your points were saved successfully or not, which they should have been.
                            registered 0 points at start, after 30 min i had 0 point
                            had five 80+ players only, i were the fifth place

                            thanks, i will check my points today


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                              rare plant is rare. only gives stat bonus for 10secs lol~ very smart planner ~ if ppl have the time to search for the plant then doing more dmg.. makes sense.. LOL
                              Last edited by HaradaKen; 06-22-2012, 01:15 PM.

                              Server:Tyria Village


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                                Originally posted by R2CS_Pat View Post

                                Rewards: Exchange your points for various Avernal Packs.
                                • Avernal Pack I (60 Points)
                                • Avernal Pack II (110 Points) - u saving 10 points
                                • Avernal Pack III (150 Points) - u saving 30 points
                                • Avernal Pack IV (225 Points) - u saving 15 points? ***?
                                hope so it was mistake...

                                anyway rewards like 2 health orb or 2 mana orbs? maybe improve ammount of them to 4 or 5

                                IGN: (S2)Walu
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