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Mass Requested Mount Fusion!!!!!

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  • Mass Requested Mount Fusion!!!!!

    Mount Fusion can be tricky if you do not know how to do it. Here is the mass requested guide for Mount Fusion
    Because i currently have a Gen 4 Ifrit(2 person Mount Runes) I cannot provide pictures of the process

    Mount Fusion Requirements
    You need to make a purebred(Only the sub mount per generation being fused is the same as the one main) gen 4 5 of the same mount. For this Guide we will be Using the doombringer.
    Doombringer requires 37 pc per click. From level 1 to level 20. there are 190 clicks so you need 7,030 Purified Crystal per doom. So To make a purebred gen 4 Doom you need 35,150 pc
    This is the order in which you will need to fuse. You do not need to FEED TURTLES. Its a waste of 190 pc per turtle
    Remember throughout the fusing process it is going to take 33 Mount Fusion Orbs and 15 Mount conversion stones per click. Averages between 7 and 8 stars per fuse.
    Please make sure the purebred Doom is the MAIN MOUNT not the sub mount.

    Doom 1 +Doom 2 Will make a Purebred Gen 1 Doom.
    Doom 3+Turtle 1 Will make a Doom Gen 1 with messed up stats. Dont worry about it Only the white stats matter when fusing.
    Purebred Gen 1 Doom +Doom Gen 1 (Messed up stats) will make a Purebred Gen 2.
    Doom 4 +Turtle 2=Will make a Doom Gen 1 with messed up stats
    Turtle 3+Turtle 4= Purebred Gen 1 Turtle
    Doom 4 (Which is the Messed up doom where we fused a turtle into it) +Turtle 3(Purebred) will make a gen 2 Messed up stats Doombringer.
    We then go back to the Purebred Gen 2 Doombringer. Fuse The Messed up gen 2 doombringer into the Purebred Doombringer. This will make a Gen 3 Purebred doombringer.
    Doom 5+Turtle 5=Will make a Doom Gen 1 with messed up stats
    Turtle 6+Turtle 7=Purebred Gen 1 turtle
    Fuse the Doom and the Turtle to make a botched gen 2 doom
    Turtle 8+Turtle 9= Purebred Gen 1 turtle
    Turtle 10+Turtle 11= Purebred Gen 1 turtle
    Fuse the 2 Gen 1 Purebred Turtles. this will make a gen 2 Purebred turtle
    Messed Up Doom Gen 2 +Purebred Gen 2 Turtle will make a Messed up Gen 3 Doom.
    Purebred Doom Gen 3 +Messed up Gen 3 Doombringer will make a Gen 4 Purebred Doombringer.

    And just like that u have a purebred gen 4 doom.
    Any Questions or misunderstandings? Ask. always around.

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