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Guide for Divinity

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  • Guide for Divinity

    Guide for Divinity:

    There are 3 sections with 3 tiers each. You have the possibility to be in the top 3 of each tier provided you have more points than the previous player on the rankings. Every day at 23:55 the players with the highest points will obtain a reward based on their ranking. For example, if you’re in first place for Apollo you’ll receive [a] Statue of Apollo. If you’re in second you’ll obtain [b] Statue of Apollo etc. for each of the different tiers. These buffs will last 24 hours once you’ve opened the box. You can use it immediately or save the box with the reward for a later time.

    To obtain a permanent buff from the system you’ll be able to pick one from each section. Choose wisely, as you’re unable to change it later on. Your first choice is your forever choice at this time. If you choose the buff underneath Apollo you’ll have Divinity of Sun. You can increase the Lvl of the buff with your divination points. As you use the points you’ll see your Divine Power decrease. Once you’re out of Divine Power you’ll be unable to increase your Lvl further until you obtain more Divine Power.

    You can obtain more Divinity Power by using Divinity Essence. You can purchase the Divinity Essence from the Fate Shop or from the Quartermaster using Quartermaster Tokens. Be sure to select the proper one as there are multiple types you can use.

    Note: The Divinity Essences obtained from the Fate Shop are different from the Divinity Essence obtained with Quartermaster Tokens.
    Note: Some Divinity Essences are available in Consumer Points. [CSII]

    Types and Names of Divinity Essence:
    Apollo/Divinity of Sun = Solar - Divinity Essence
    Artemis/Divinity of Moon = Lunar - Divinity Essence
    Astria/Divinity of Stars = Apocalypse - Divinity Essence
    Hera/Divinity of Vitality = Vigor - Divinity Essence
    Hades/Divinity of Fatality = Soul - Divinity Essence
    Aether/Divinity of Light = Luminary - Divinity Essence
    Hermes/Divinity of Spirit = Anima - Divinity Essence
    Chronos/Divinity of Time = Eternity - Divinity Essence
    Chaos/Divinity of Space = Void - Divinity Essence
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    ?? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ????? ???????


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      I'm level 38, where should I go to get the wing upgrade kit?what kind of monster should i kill to get things can help with upgrade Wing's???!


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        Originally posted by domo1999 View Post
        I'm level 38, where should I go to get the wing upgrade kit?what kind of monster should i kill to get things can help with upgrade Wing's???!
        Items used to upgrade wings are generally found in Dungeons or the Fate Shop.
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