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[Guide] Building Solo Priest (Part I, lvl 1-60 mortal)

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  • [Guide] Building Solo Priest (Part I, lvl 1-60 mortal)


    In this guide "solo" means solo, completely. No multiplayer events, no parties, no battlegrounds, bosses and other activities, when you can interact somehow with other players. Yes, it's really possible, and even not so hard. If you can take part in any mp activities, it may be some easier I think, but it's completely not necessary. Also this guide don't mean any real money expense, although you can spend it if you want - it'll be easier too.

    Priest is the best class for soloing CS because of her healing abilities combined with good magic attack. And "killer feature" of Priest, especially for solo, is her Angel's Blessing skill, availaible early enough (lvl 50) and making you restore up to 10% HP & MP every 10 secs. The second "KF", I think, is Heavenly Protection, giving you 5-40% boost to all attrs, but it's availaible only starting of scion plane lvl 15 (rebirth to Scion is option for lvl 80+ chars). Third good thing about Priest is, obviously, healing skills. And fourth is two buff skills, both last 30 mins after single use: up to 25% defence buff, availaible very early at lvl 20, and up to 25% attack buff (lvl 60). This first part of guide is for 1-60 lvl characters (my Priest is lvl 56 now).


    Complete all quests, both main and optional. You can try all dailies, events and dungeons availaible for your lvl. But here is what you really can do solo (I'll list only all-day's because I really dislike any timed game activities and prefer to decide by my own, when to play):

    At first, all single player dailies and events: Starglade Tour (lvl 30-39), A Day in Vidalia (lvl 40+), Daily Hunt (lvl 30+), Seed of Life (lvl 50+);

    You can do Blessed Bath even starting from lvl 30, but real "BB winners" are lvl 50+ priests with Angel's Blessing skill lvl 5: although AB is skill, it's passive skill so it can't be turned off during BB. So if you even almost out of HP, you can go out, wait 10 or 20 or 30 seconds and go back in. But having AB and good amount of HP may even make you a "non-stop solo bather". Anyway you should do BB everyday lvl 30+, even if you can't enter bath at all, for getting Soul Root Crystals and upgrading your soul (see below).

    You can do The Training starting from lvl 40, but you'll be really good in it at lvl 50+, again because of Angel's Blessing.

    Dungeons can be a bit too hard at first, but again, starting from lvl 50 you'll definitely be able to do Blood Coliseum (Normal) for Purified Crystals and Revenant's Vault (Hard) for Heroic Wings. The same is true about Crystal Ladder.

    For Training and dungeon of your level try to combine all exp bonuses together: Exp Tokens, Zodiac bonus, Guild bonus.


    The main Priest's stat is (obviously) Intellect. You can add some small amount of stat points to Endurance, but not too much: I added 1 of 3 to End for 40 levels, and it's definitely an excess. Rest points will go to Int. Alternatively you can build "pure intellectual" Priest, getting End only from Soul and Equipment. It depends on you playstyle: Endurance Priest is a good tank (for soloing, I mean) but has a little weaker attack and heal; while no-Endurance Priest should be better attacker and harder to keep her alive.


    Try to get Pristine equipment sets for you level. As far as you can't solo Nightmare difficulty dungeons of enough level, you can get Epic sets only if you'll buy Epic Shards from other players. But Pristines are good enough. For example, 40lvl Pristine set is comparable in it's bonuses with 30 lvl Epic, or maybe even better a bit. You can get Pristine Shards by soloing mp dungeons on Normal and Hard difficulty. You can enchant you equip up to +5 easily (maybe even +6) with Magic Dust you'll get from mp dungeons. For +7 and higher you'll need more powerful enchanting items, which you can only buy from ppl (or in crystals shop) or get from Dragon Hunt wheel.


    lvl 4
    Light Heal lvl 1
    Blood Beam lvl 1
    Set Blood Beam as your main attack skill
    Then accumulate your SP up to lvl 10

    lvl 10
    Holy Light lvl 1
    Guardian's Protection lvl 1-2

    lvl 12-16: Guardian's Protection lvl 3-5

    lvl 18: Life Drain lvl 1

    lvl 20: Curse Mastery lvl 1

    lvl 22-24
    Curse of Weakness and Saint's Strength lvl 1
    You can learn it in any succession. Anyway you don't need to use curses until lvl 30, and SS will not be used at all, it just needed to learn Healing Wave and Improved Holy Light.

    lvl 26-28: Nothing, accumulate for lvl 30.

    lvl 30
    Blood Pact lvl 1
    Healing Wave lvl 1
    Pure in Heart lvl 1

    lvl 32-38: Nothing, accumulate for lvl 40

    lvl 40
    Resurrection lvl 1
    Improved Blood Beam lvl 1
    Ring of Decay lvl 1
    Set Improved Blood Beam as your main attack skill

    lvl 42-48: Nothing, accumulate for lvl 50

    lvl 50
    Improved Life Drain lvl 1
    Improved Holy Light lvl 1
    Angel's Blessing lvl 5

    lvl 52-58: Nothing, accumulate for lvl 60

    lvl 60: Circle of Power lvl 5

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cs-skills1.png
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Name:	cs-skills2.png
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    AFK / Skills usage

    You can use AFK mode for (almost) everything. Even when you're not actually AFK, you can turn it on temporarily, so you'll don't need to press skill buttons manually constantly. Below is the recipe how to prepare you AFK mode for it.

    At first, don't use potions in your "HP <" slots. Place Light Heal and Holy Light / Improved Holy Light there instead. You can use your health potions for emergency heals by hand, or even sell it if you don't want to touch any buttons at all.

    As far as you use Blood Beam / Improved Blood Beam as your default attack, you have not to place it into AFK panel. So place there these attack skills (when every of them is availaible):
    Life Drain / Improved Life Drain
    Curse of Weakness
    Blood Pact
    Ring of Decay
    You can add there two support skills also, because of their long cooldown they will not be used too offten:
    Healing Wave
    Pure in Heart

    In "Usage Intervals" slots add these two, with 29 mins interval each:
    Guardian's Protection
    Circle of Power

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cs-afk.png
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    The main target for Purified Crystals you can get from dungeons is Soul upgrade. Fuse all Soul Root Crystals gotten from Blessed Bath into Soul Shards, and get secondary Shards from mp dungeons. You can also buy secondary Shards and SRC from ppl if you need, they are cheap enough. How to upgrade your Soul is completely up to you, it will be very helpful anyway.


    You can transform your mount up to Battle Bear, getting Mount Upgrade Tokens from mp dungeons or buying it from other ppl for ingame money. Then stop transforming (unless you want to buy Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens for crystals). In theory you can buy GMUTs for ingame money too, but it's very very expensive for lowlvl char. It will be better to spend you money in other ways, for instance to buy Heroic Wings and upgrade your Wings (see below). Every time having free Purified Crystals after upgrading Soul, you can spend some to upgrade Battle Bear.


    You can complete "I Can Has Bear" quest in the beginning of the game even if you don't want to buy crystals: you don't need much for this quest, so try some "Free Crystals" activities. But it's better to get Baby Angel / Baby Demon Eggs (bound) from Green Dragon Hunt wheel. It's not so hard: I have now both Babies in my pet panel and additional 3 Eggs of each type in Temporary Storage. Similar to Greater Mount transforming, I think it's better not to morph your Pet yet: Morph Crystasl are too expensive too.


    Opposite to Greater Mount transforming and Pet morphing, Wings upgrade worth spending ingame money. Heroic Wings are common enough, so it's cheap. For instance, at (S12) you can easily sell Morph Crystal for 30-35g each, and buy HW for 25s each (if you'll be persistant enough, you can find it for 20s or even 15s). Here are the stats of Pristine Ultimate Fire Wings VII (the better you can get before char lvl 60):
    PATK and MATK +897
    PDEF and MDEF +195
    HP +7028
    Healing +731
    Movement Speed +17


    Insignia synthesis needs Bronze, Silver and Gold Honor Badges, obtainable from PvP events. But there is a second way to get Honor Badges for creating and upgrading your Insignia - tossing Lucky Coins into Wishing Well in Starglade (5 tries per day). You can get Lucky Coin by doubleclicking Ancient Coin (15s consumed). Ancient Coins are dropping by Elite monsters, and selling by players (at S12 for 10-25s per coin). Besides Honor Badges you can get Golden Fruits of Honor (+50 to player honor), Offline EXP Tokens, Ancient Coins and other valuable items.

    To see what do you need to synthesize Insignias, and to actually synthesize it visit General Krahn in Starglade and select Honor Equipment Exchange -> Exchange for Insignia. The very first Corporal's Insignia will cost you 50 Bronze Badges; for each next Insignia (2nd Sergeant's, 1st Segreant's, and so on) you'll need a previous Insignia plus increasing amount of Bronze, Silver, and eventually Gold Honor Badges. Also each Insignia requires specific Nobility Rank (player honor level) to be equipped: Noble, Baron, Count, and so on.
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    Pretty good guild. Dont forget the epic armour sets also.


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      Originally posted by CrimsonArrow123 View Post
      Pretty good guild. Dont forget the epic armour sets also.
      Thank you. I explained my own game experience here.

      I didn't forget Epics:
      Originally posted by Golyana View Post
      As far as you can't solo Nightmare difficulty dungeons of enough level, you can get Epic sets only if you'll buy Epic Shards from other players.


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        you could do that or do what I did make a holy priest pure intell with curses lvl1 and lvl frag up fast and fill the frag with flawless+ emeralds I currently have a lvl48mortal healer and he heals for over 7k unbuffed while most priests my lvl only heal for about 3k


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          Thank you, maybe I'll add section about Fragarach later. I think it will be completely compatible with my build too.


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            Originally posted by Golyana View Post
            Thank you. I explained my own game experience here.

            I didn't forget Epics:
            Oh fail srry. lol


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              I just finished solo lvl 18 of Crystal Ladder. I think it's not bad for 56lvl mortal.


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                Update: added Insignia section.