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Blood Coliseum For New Players

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  • Blood Coliseum For New Players

    Before i begin i would like to say that this guide is directed at new players who are curious about the dungeon. if you have any positive suggestions please leave a comment.

    The entrance to BC(blood coliseum) is located at the Shrine of Kithara. BC first becomes available at level 45. There are a total of four bosses: Midknight, Bonefletcher, Apothecar and finally Vicelot. pictured below.

    Click image for larger version

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    Bc consists of only one room or rather one diamond shaped arena. 4 mobs appear at each of the four corners. you must defeat them for the next mobs to spawn. ( you need only kill the plant looking one for the other mobs to spawn. however this is not recommended since you will then have to fight the boss and the mobs.) i found that the spot in which my char is standing is good to afk and let your character clear the dungeon while you go do other important things you need to do. keep in mind that this dungeon takes a bit to clear. i recommend you set the distance to 3 squares as pictured below.

    Click image for larger version

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    BC only has normal and hard difficulty levels. it wont drop any epic equipment shards. pristine demoni shards is what you will get from both normal and hard. however 4 bosses means 4 purified crystals. unfortunatley BC loves to drop chipped gems and while all gems are good since they add up i rather get flawed gems. Heroic wings and mount upgrade tokens are a given. remember that this dungeon is a *time consumer* thanks for dropping by and as always happy gaming.
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    BC =AFK dungeon b(` ~ ` )d


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      thanks man real help