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Guide : Magic Tower

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  • Elbeau
    started a topic Guide : Magic Tower

    Guide : Magic Tower

    Hello everyone! This is my first guide so plz be gentle with me

    Magic Tower Guide

    To max it u need :

    Magic White Orb x 160 and 180 x Magic Essence
    Magic Green Orb x 200 and 360 x Magic Essence
    Magic Blue Orb x 280 and 540 x Magic Essence
    Magic Yellow Orb x 280 and 720 x Magic Essence
    Magic Purple Orb x 280 and 900 x Magic Essence
    Magic Orange Orb x 160 and 1080 x Magic Essence

    For a big total of 3780 x Magic Essence

    Here i presume that he max level of this tower is 100 because the higher is ur level of tower, the more maturity u need to gain 1 level on it.

    Click image for larger version

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    Each Level of the tower give u the item u need to level it. Each 3 level u gain Magic essence.
    Here each level (this i what i got last run) :

    1 --> White Magic Orb x 2
    2 --> White Magic Orb x 2
    3 --> Magic Essence x 1
    4 --> White Magic Orb x 1
    5 --> White Magic Orb x 2
    6 --> Magic Essence x 1
    7 --> Green Magic Orb x 1
    8 --> Green Magic Orb x 1
    9 --> Magic Essence x 1
    10 -> Green Magic Orb x 1
    11 -> Blue Magic Orb x 1
    12 -> Magic Essence x 1
    13 -> Blue Magic Orb x 1
    14 -> Blue Magic Orb x 1
    15 -> Magic Essence x 2
    16 -> Yellow Magic Orb x 1
    17 -> Yellow Magic Orb x 1
    18 -> Magic Essence x 2
    19 -> Yellow Magic Orb x 1
    20 -> Yellow Magic Orb x 1
    21 -> Magic Essence x 2
    22 -> Purple Magic Orb x 1
    23 -> Purple Magic Orb x 1
    24 -> Magic Essence x 2
    25 -> Purple Magic Orb x 1
    26 -> Orange Magic Orb x 1
    27 -> Magic Essence x 2
    28 -> Orange Magic Orb x 1
    29 -> Orange Magic Orb x 1
    30 -> Magic Essence x 2

    All that for a total for each run of :

    Magic White Orb x 7
    Magic Green Orb x 3
    Magic Blue Orb x 3
    Magic Yellow Orb x 4
    Magic Purple Orb x 3
    Magic Orange Orb x 3
    Magic Essence x 16

    Now Here some trick to help u out in that tower (plz note that i am a protection knight) :

    From lvl 1 to 19 :
    You just need strengh to pass them.

    At lvl 20 :
    Knight :
    For weaker knight try to process frost and dps them. Make sure u have enough HP get max buff as possible.
    For stronger one well just kill them

    Rogue :
    Its possible, when u are strong enough, to use vagabon and kill one of them. Use shadow strke asap to sleath after it. Repeat till all 4 are dead.
    I know its a long process but if u have to do that, that mean u lack of strength

    For other classes :
    For now... i dunno :X

    If u are able to pass lvl 20, from lvl 21 to lvl 24 you sould not have problem.

    At lvl 25:
    Real problem start at lvl 25... why ? There is 4 mob that are close range. But the problem is that they hit stronger than the Glutton Nightmare meteor each hit !!!

    Knight :
    For protection only cuz i didnt test retribution : Use angelic blessing and dps them. Process frost and use a fire load pet. IMPORTANT : when there is 2 sec left at ur Angelic Blessing
    start kiting. Remove ur stun from u afk bar because the last thing u want is to reset the mob u stun cuz u kite the other mob too far from him.

    Rogue :
    Same strategy as lvl 20 but u need to be stong enough to kill 1 withing ur vagabon time.

    Starting from here, i only know for protection knight

    At lvl 26 :
    Same strengh as lvl 20. Just DPS.

    At lvl 27 :
    Well put ur HO, Pet on follow (my pet as stun and silence). What i do is cast angelic blessing and start afk the mage (i remove stun from afk). Then i change my pet from follow to atk so he cast his stun and silence
    After that i use my own stun when i know the pet silence or stun is finishing. If u still lack time to dps it, u can use a pet swap to a GA or ED to stun or silence again.

    At lvl 28:
    All i have to say is that mob hit 1 k....

    At lvl 29 :
    Its exacly the same strategie as lvl 25. But just remember that there hit range is a big bigger than lvl 25 so kite more far from them.

    At lvl 30 :
    Can 1 shot me if it critique ... and i have over 150 mdef and near 75% DR ... But u know what ? That mob don't move ..... So the trick is to use angelic blessing, Dps then stun and run away. And u repeat until its done !!!

    There u just finish that Magic Tower.

    Im sorry for the lack of information for other classes (priest, ranger and mage) im just a protection knight

    I dont know if it is allowed to post youtube link here but if its not ok, plz mod remove it
    This is a tower run with the trick i just written up there. At the same time, you will see what mob look like in higher level

    I hope it will help everyone a bit in that event ^_^

    *New info*
    For those who are weaker, Lvl 20 mobs aren't range. That mean that you can kite them
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  • ziansy
    owsome nce one dude thnks for the info xD

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  • Death.Dealer
    I dont need to say much more than [oh] YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done bro
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  • gake67
    cool guide

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  • Elbeau
    Ty sooo much its my first guild and im happy that ppl like it ^^. The video show u how i do it and even for weaker knight ( i mean less patk) its possible but just longer.

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  • ranjithran619

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  • kouhii
    Ohhh its Tankkk o.o/ Great guide btw xDD You should teach us more about things :P

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  • Zenzibar
    in lvl20 they hit me while in vagabond ,,,, note i got 169% dodge with vagabond ,,, its ridiculous

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  • Galiant
    I want that image. I want it very very much...and the only issue with this guide is spelling, otherwise great guide man.

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  • Kellynka
    Thank you for the great guide ^_^

    Click image for larger version

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