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New items that wont let us put in the shop!

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  • New items that wont let us put in the shop!

    Hello there yes like in the past this is the exact same bug were if they put something new in the Points category in the shop and uses the exact same name we wont be able to put them in the buying section of our shop the new items they added few weeks ago and are still bugged are the following:

    Divine Blood
    Rune Medium
    Rune of Evil
    Rune Protection Stone

    They have the same name a fix would be to change the names to

    Divine Blood Pack
    Rune Medium Pack
    Rune of Evil Pack
    Rune Protection Stone Pack

    That way we could still trade them in buying section of shops since they are tradeble and we have done it in the past

    Hmmm still bugged its been 2 months ffs lol

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bug.JPG
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    The packs itself cannot be traded/put up in shops because they are acquired personally from Points of Interest. Could you not open said packs and sell the item(s) from there?
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      Picture of what we players we want to do and were able to do before they added those items in the points category of the shop also i want to mention that all other items have (pack) in their name to diff them from other items aka the items inside the packs and we are talking about
      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      Think i didn't manage to explain good enough by that i have meant that in the players personal shop in the Wanted section we cant put those items to buy them for ourself's not to sell them and by that i mean the actual item that its contained in the pack and not the pack itself, yes i know we cant trade the pack's i mean we cant list them since the pack has the exact same name as the item it contains for example Rune Medium contains Rune Medium so wen we try to list them we cant since there are more items in game with the same exact name (i never understood why the devs have put the items in packs but oh well)

      Wen we try to list the item and we input the nr of the items we want and the price we want to pay for each and press verify nothing happends or wen we press ok to put it for buying nothing happens thats what i mean

      It would be simpler to understand if you would try to test this in game ty and hope the screenshoot helps

      Also i want to mention that Divine Blood was fixed some time ago but the other 3 still don't work and they are tradeble items in game that should work and have worked in the past ty

      Any other way i can report this than here?

      Seriously this is getting ridiculos we had this bug few times in the past 2 but since last time it occured again since they did not put the items under other name in points in shop we cant use them in personal shop since we reported the bug and until now its been how long 4 months? And the only item that got fixed its Divine Blood, players that market alot like me and few others suffer since we cant buy them so we are forced to buy them for the other players price they set since they know we cant buy them in shop so if we dont pay what they ask they wont sell, since they know we are forced to buy if we need them also we cant stay online 24/7 to look for the items so why hasnt this been fixed yet i have been checking them every week and no change yet anywere else were we can report this bug?

      Update: Seems that the item Tomb Insignia was put in points also and now thats also bugged cant buy it anymore in my shop....

      This week it didnt got fixed either sigh
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          agreed bump. Many players complain about the items not being able to be put into Wanted Shop Tab.
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