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  • Shifter's Heal Stat

    I was testing the Fallen Angel's skills on the Shifter and I noticed that the Fallen Hope skill's heal was abyssally low. I then saw that its heal was based on the Heal stat:

    Here's me using the skill on myself. The skill clearly uses the Heal stat to determine the amount heal:

    The Heal stat is supposed to increase based on Intellect, but that only applies to priests:

    Shifters don't see any improvement to the Heal stat based on Intellect. For proof, here's two screenshots, first without my frag and then with my frag on:

    Based on the Fallen Angel's Heal skill and the fact that one of the Fallen Angel's passives increases the Heal stat, I think that the Shifter's Heal stat is supposed to work similar to priests, in that it increases based on Intellect, but it doesn't. Thus, the Fallen Hope skill is rendered pointless as it will never heal an adequate amount of health. I suggest that the devs look into this and make it so that Intellect also increases the Heal stat for Shifters, therefore making the Fallen Angel's Heal skill and passive function as intended.

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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will forward it to the team.
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