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  • Really???!!

    You closed the thread cause simple enough by you Fairy's event teleportation it's not a bug or not even an exploit?! Then why you it gives you a buff to slow you down?!!! All i say is we want the same chance on event's as everyone whether it's marries or not! Also skill are supposed not to work either like blink. And you call a teleportation from the bottom of the map to the npc not an advantage! We are not stupid! You can close this one too now since that's how You work!

  • #2
    Well I mean, you kinda made the suggestion to close the thread.. So I'll do just that.
    If you want your official response by an official, you may file a support ticket.

    Lol I edited my post late because I was busy with other things to do. You need to relax. I'm not on here 24/7 like I used to be.
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    The King doesn't fall so easily boys