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Magic Tower bug

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    Magic Tower is still bugged, we shouldn't need to turn off AFK, rather they should just enable a continuation to the next floor via the guard


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      Hello guys seems the magic tower bug is back.... and seriously now this is ridiculos how many times its happening to me lately today first:

      1. I didnt realized i was afk next to the vault yes i was in a party and press Enter tower and guess what? I DID NOT WARPED ME INSIDE
      2. I decided to use a magic key and guess what this is what happened >.>

      So what now >.> a wasted atempt and a wasted key........

      Anione has any kind of magic tower problems lately?


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        magic tower

        i tryed to do magic tower today and both runs buged 1 on lvl 8 the othere on 9 if u would put the option to go on with the npc that would b nice. i no a lot of ppl have this trouble, and adding the to the npc would solve it ty