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Smilies! :D

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Smilies! :D

    Here is a full view for smileys. numbers start at
    Originally posted by pronoob View Post

    #00 to #31
    better list by pronoob^ hope R2 investigates doing something with them more(the icons blocking way usually);p
    have fun, please remember to comment vote + rep on good suggestions!
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    lol +10 to this

    btw, it starts at #00 and ends at #31, yep
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        im only missing hugging emoticon Click image for larger version

Name:	smile.png
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        Click image for larger version

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          they should just make a drop down tab for our icons at the bottom of the screen.. they get in the way while trying to do dungeons and stuff also makes kiting almost impossible without clicking on the chii or something else.
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            lol yea it would help a bit.


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              Pls some1 report R2 because the monster book option is blocking the emoticon item and i cant remember which one is which
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                that's what shadow created this thread for to begin with



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                  my fix for this issue worked really well. I plugged a vga cable into my laptop and connected the monitor from my old desktop, and set it to display only on the 2nd screen. now my resolution is awesome. Click image for larger version

Name:	fgh.jpg
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                    i prefer playing cs on my laptop so suffering from the icons and learning emoticons codes yeah xD


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                      i memorized the # codes right away even when i could just click them. never been an issue for me. but having screen res like that helps a lot. you can see so much more. makes gr and labour q's a lot easier lol ... as if they need to get an easier. good for pvp areas too.

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                        kissy smiley is more cute ^.^


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                          drop downs would work XD
                          i miss the motocons specially the psycho rolly eyes :{
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                            Zooming in no longer reveals the smiles. So now zooming in just makes things blurry, but buttons stay in their relative positions. Guess I need to memorize more smile codes.


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                              Originally posted by InfernalDaimen View Post
                              Zooming in no longer reveals the smiles. So now zooming in just makes things blurry, but buttons stay in their relative positions. Guess I need to memorize more smile codes.
                              Just open the smiley menu and "count" 1st being #00 last being #31.
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