It's kinda getting a thing lately on new events the drops to got a free for all option and not go to the one killing the mob! Was wondering why R2 developers think that's a good idea?!
In my opinion it's a big mistake and [ticks] me off! Why to bother kill a mob for others to steal loots?! Kinda made that mistake with nether which is a pvp event and still messed the whole purpose of it with the FFA! Now rogues just hide and just use vegabond when loots go white and just steal till it runs out!
Same with knights just use angelic and loot till it runs out! So the pvp part failed the last hit part failed and it becomes a part of who got the better connection or use other tricks to loot the better stuff 1st!
Same thing with "Mine" and even worse cause 30chars gather and wait for an OP player to kill the mobs and all tryna loot! So in the end the whole purpose of the events go astray and all there's left to it is a game of loot!!!
And lately mine getting abandoned by OP players ,cause who we are kiddin why kill a mob to get nada?!, so all the other ones are crying on world chat for the unfairness of the event and R2's lame ideas cause they can't kill the mobs and keep spanwkilled by it over and over!
And just like that all the players have something against R2 and the events you make! ( Which btw didn't even introduce by a GM, only guides made by players)

And the drama on our server already started! People cursing cause of spawnkilled by the mob and as alr mentioned all us who can kill don't bother with the event so it's a matter of time this one to get abandoned!