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How rare is legendary death spirit?

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  • How rare is legendary death spirit?

    Hi i am trying to get legendary death spirit drop from the elementals.

    How rare is it to drop? Is 100 boss summon enough? Approximately how much crystal needed?

    Anyone who have gotten it please share the info, thanks so much!

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    It could take a single summon or 500 summons. There really isn't a guarantee that you'll get it as a drop.
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      Oh wow 500 summons?

      I just did 100 boss summons just now, and so far i got no legendary drop (not even other kind of legendary spirit drop)

      And from the 100 boss summon i did, i just got 2 epic (the purple) drop. (It seems kinda low or im just unlucky)

      Will do more summons later until i get the legendary death spirit.
      (I hope i dont need as many as 500 summons to get it >_< )