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Auguric fragrach list of requirements

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  • Auguric fragrach list of requirements

    Here what I had to go thought to get A.frag X. SE: savage essence, NE: nether essence,FS: Fragrach shards.

    A.frag 1: 10+ 1SE 13FS
    A.frag 2: 11+ 1SE 13FS
    A.frag 3: 12+ 1SE 13FS
    A.frag 4: 11+ 2SE 13FS
    A.frag 5: 12+ 2SE 13FS
    A.frag 6: 11+ 3SE 13Fs
    A.frag 7: 13+ 3SE 13FS
    A.frag 8: 11+ 1NE 13FS
    A.frag 9: 12+ 2NE 13FS
    A.frag 10:13+ 3NE 25FS

    Click image for larger version

Name:	last frag.png
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    Finally Thank you >_> someone honestly post some good info about these after i asked for about 2 months ago.
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      25 fs D:
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        wow how messed up is that, make it so easy to upgrade it, nearly impossible to obtain it. no wonder everybody upgrading like crazy. im still stuck tryingto get +13 on p.frag ix :/ and oh yeah 40 fs for my next upgrade whats with that


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          thank you for this
          What are bugs?


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            thanks this is nice


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              so far... still working on perfect I XD
              13 FS, like Auguric I so unfair
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                i like the pic with the weapon orb


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                  i wonder if they are gonna release anymore upgrades for the frag
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                    Thanks for this. And gratz with the Frag zer098 xD
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                      Originally posted by Death.Dealer View Post
                      i wonder if they are gonna release anymore upgrades for the frag
                      That would be lovely i would like purple or green color of "new" upgrade of frag after Auguric one ^_^
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                        nah it should be blurple