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tank for dungeons?

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  • tank for dungeons?

    i'll create a tank and my friend will create a healer so we can duo and get things easily
    I've seen many guides on this forum about tanks, but none of those is giving info about dungeons
    like which are the requirements for x dungeon, or which lvl i need to solo x dungeon, which is the best
    way to solo dungeons, etc.. Please help me I'm confused
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    level 25 dungeon is the first unlocked, and you really dont need to duo it, the boss is pretty flimsy. the best way to get through it is by clicking on the very bottom of the map and skipping the mobs. they dont give you much other than socketing rods. the next dungeon unlocked is level 35 revanants vault. this is the first challenge that you will have because it has 3 bosses, each based off of a different class within the game. the first boss is Bonecrusher, who is a buffed up barbarian with a tank-like build. be careful of his stuns and bring plenty of potions because he hits hard. the second boss is neraful the forgotten. hes based off the mage class and likes to use a knockback skill that interrupts your attack. he also has a skill that drains 1k of health after a short period of time, however his heealth is much lower than bonecrusher, and should present no problem to a knight priest duo. the final boss is the infamous Vega the Mad. Based off of the rouge class he is a fearsome opponent, capable of dealing nasty critical hit and stopping your priest from healing you. he has a suprising amount of health, but with enough willpower you can overcome and conquer him. the next dungeon is at level 45. this is known as blood colliseum, and it is far easier than the last dungeon. kill 4 waves of mobs to fight a boss and a few weaker mobs. depending on the mode of difficulty, you may get more or less bosses, the strongest being Vicelot. the next dungeon is Sacrificial Relics, unlocked at leved 55. all you need to do to complete this dungeon is fight zabuga. he is a large creature located on the bottom right hand side of your map. he has a few attacks but they shouldnt present much of a challenge for a properly equipped adventurer. the next is unlocked at level 75. Psychodelica a difficult dungeon, with 5 bosses. not only that, but the bosses are your friends... hitomi, orison, anastasia, mapelonia, and karleya. each time you defeat 1 wave, you are challenged by an extra boss. good luck!!!!
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      This thread is about a year ago ! That person prolly can solo EB nm now .XDXD
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        Originally posted by yosilangpo View Post
        This thread is about a year ago ! That person prolly can solo EB nm now .XDXD

        He is right. He probably knows the answer. To answer the qeustion I used to solo NM vault on level 42 hybrid priest. (Currently level 82 scion, can solo all except psycho nm at the moment.)

        closing because it's an old thread.

        Very busy lately, for any moderator help please PM me!

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