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Is it possible to build a "battle mage?"

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  • Is it possible to build a "battle mage?"

    While I wait for Cimmerian Woodlands to open, I'm looking to create a "Battle Mage."
    I want to KNOW:
    What class should I be?
    What skills should I train in/use?
    What attributes should I focus on?
    What pet should I use? (Buying pet eggs is okay by me)

    I WANT:
    To be good at pvp
    A valuable asset to parties
    Decent at grinding (Not essential)
    To be entirely unique

    I know this seems confusing but I believe this can be achieved.

    Note: I don't need an entire guide, just suggestions.
    Also, It doesn't necessarily need to follow the words "Battle Mage." It can just be a unique hybrid of surviving, powerful skills, and assistance.

    These guidelines don't have to be strictly followed, though they should be stuck to.

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    the only way u can be a great "battle mega'' is hard work and determination. so really any class u pick does not matter xD