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Need help about lvling up 50+ priest

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  • Need help about lvling up 50+ priest

    Hi all.

    I started to play CS today and found my long-time-forgotten 51lvl priest on one old server. I remember almost nothing about this game, but I want to continue playing my old character. So I need any help about tuning it better an lvling it up faster (maybe it's not a goob build, then I'd like to know what to correct). Here my priest:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	char.png
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Name:	soul.png
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Name:	skills1.png
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    Thank you.

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    [FAQ] Grimoire to party Roles&Functions

    Herein is a guide that contains a list of all the guides for each class that are decent and how to level, these are the best guides I could locate on Forums and assimilate into one thread to bind them all.
    You can click the animated class hyperlink title within the thread to be taken directly to the class section. Priest is listed first. it also contains a leveling guide( bit out dated)
    However would suggest reading it anyways to get familiar with all the stuff again to be more pro. Remember to use Zodiac buffs daily (2 hr experience buffs of 2x-3x) and try to get some goddess blessings casted on you for XP. Remember to Attend Island of blessing. the rewards for this event are amazing, will help you improve your character greatly in many ways. as it offers 2x-3x EXP tokens and GMuts, Ethereal wings, etc etc etc.


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      Thank you. Will read it.

      I'm filling already that my build is good enough. At least today I've done Blood Coliseum (normal) and got 10% exp in BB. Both solo, couldn't find any party when had free time.


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