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Beastmaster Spirit Guide

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  • Beastmaster Spirit Guide

    Beastmaster Spirit Guide

    Hi, this'll be my first guide. So please be gentle with me.

    R2C2_Rob: Beastmasters are wandering nature lovers who over the years have managed to tap into the spirit world and acquire powers long forgotten to many. With the ability to harness nature, this new brand of warriors can summon familiars to fight alongside them and cause earthly destruction to any who would get in their way. All familiars come with their own set of stats that scale with their beastmaster's. They also have their own unique skills and abilities too!
    **My say:
    Beastmaster are classes who can summon familiars to aid them in battle. Their main attributes are STR and END, so they're much like knights when it comes to their stats. But unlike knights, they are a range class, so they have a bit of an advantage there.

    But their primary advantage are their familiars. Well, basically they're your 2nd pet to tag along with your character. But the thing about them is that they have their own independent hp/mp. Pets absorbs damage when your characters are hit, while the familiar gets damage if they are hit, so basically they are TANK for your beastmaster.
    3 STR (Highly advisable)
    2 STR + 1 END or 1 STR + 2 END (If you want to have a bit of tanker BM)

    To take advantage of your familiar, it is advisable to go all 3 STR, instead of putting any other stats. You may also put some for END if you feel like your DEF/HP is lacking but imo, it won't with the 1st buff skill the BM has. Putting on INT, I've yet to find out. The familiars takes on the percentage of the BMs stats so perhaps magical-damage familiars benefit from this but since our basic damage is physical attack, it won't benefit much from this. Though I've seen BMs who instead of raising their INT, they socketted TOPAZ MATK gems on their equipments to make up for their familiar's MATK.

    3 AGI (I'm on Scion plane now and I've heard someone in the server speak of this, so I'm trying this out. I do not know if s/he said it out of jest but IMO s/he has point in saying this. BUT this stat build should only be used at a higher plane and with better equipments/tenets/soul and whatsoever. To explain, AGI gives accuracy + inceases crit effectiveness, the different systems as well as equipments will make up for the damages and the defences your BM will need.) CONS: It doesn't affect much of your familiars stats/skill, the heal factor of support familiars comes from your damage and your damage would be low if you hadn't have the proper equipment/upgrades to par up your fighting capability. PROS: More designed for PVP as long as the upgrades and equipment are very high. And if your skill is more on skills rather than familiar build-up this is a go for. [If you haven't met the requirement then you should touch this stats]

    TAKE NOTE: ADDING INT WON'T DO ANYTHING TO THE HEAL AMOUNT IT CAN DO. BUT ADDING STR WILL INCREASE THE HEAL. PRETTY WEIRD BUT ITS TRUE, SO IN RELATION MATK WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. i noticed this when i made a new bm and tried adding int, nothing happened to my familiar fox heal ability. though i don't know if adding heal/EMERALD gems will work, gonna update once i try it.
    My BM started out with pristine dreamwalker set, because of the decent HP/Def it gives then I later went and change it to Savage Set for the damage as well as HP/Def. These two stats are essential in increasing the effectiveness of your familiars, especially Spirit Familiars. Why? Basically the spirit familiars are inclined more on backing up your BM instead of protecting you. Basically the support spirit familiars are, as the name says, supports the BM: they heal you and buff you (the heal atm i haven't yet tested, with regards socketing MATK gems to my weapon/gloves). And quite contrary to increasing your BM's MATK, the offense spirit familiar do not actually need attack damage because their attacks are HP% damage. Meaning however strong their targets are, they will chip away at the HP of your target regardless of how high their defences/health points are.

    But I highly recommend having Epic Ethereal Set for lvl 30 (and upgrade to higher level of epic set later on), it gives way better defense and a decent damage.

    Actually, because of the defense buff BM has as well as their familiar to aid them, BMs can have the cheapest set of equipment and can still come out of the top.

    As for the weapon, its none other than fragarach weapon. BTW fragarach weapon of BM have a low lvl requirement of LVL 30.
    **How to level up:
    1. Do quests, all of it: Main Quest, optional quest and side quest (daily hunts, daily sg exam/day in vidilia, guild quests and what so ever NPC that has a giant yellow exclamation mark on their head)
    2. Always afk on mobs that are 3 levels above you, but be sure you can easily kill them. IMO, it is faster to kill mobs that have lower health and defense of same or a few 2 level than a mob that have higher health and defense of 3 levels above.
    3. Do daily bath, training and ladder. Note, spirit BM can do solo bath at lvl 30, i think?
    4. It would also help if you do dungeon runs, though leveling is certainly not one of this tip but the items acquired in dungeons are helpful in your progress
    Like any other class, BMs have 2 skill tree: The Feral and The Spirit. This guide will focus mainly on the Spirit.

    *Set 1
    (Battle Type Spirit Beastmaster - The beastmaster in this build is the main hero and the familiar is just the side-kick)

    Lvl 1- 20 (10 Skill Points):
    Spirit Tab
    5 to Spirit Fox (this is your primary support familiar)
    1 to Fixed Strike
    4 to Barkskin (this is your most essential buff skill at lvl 5 it gives a 30 mins of 15% +648 Increase in defense, so it is a must have if you want to do solo dungeon)

    Lvl 21-30 (5 skill Points):
    1 to Barkskin (Now it's lvl 5)
    2 to Symbiosis (reason is that, familiars gets damage independently, and there are no other way of healing them but the use of BM skills and their regeneration, so its a must have to give them damage reduction. We don't like summoning them over and over again, it takes a mana doing so)
    1 to Ghoul Familiar (this will be your damage pet, by lvl 43 you can max this to lvl 5)
    1 Fixed Strike II

    Lvl 31-40 (5 skill Points):
    3 to Ghoul Familiar (Now its lvl 4)
    1 Poison Spores
    1 Feral Toughness

    Lvl 41-50 (5 skill points):
    1 Spirit Elk (this feels useless at its earlier level and to contrast your BM is at a high level. But don't be disappointed, this badass pet is your next support familiar)
    1 Mortal Strike
    1 Blessing of the Ancient (keep it to level 1, as the it is more of a purification skill than a buff[2 seconds??]
    2 Poison Spores (this will save your hide from high damagers)

    Lvl 51-60 (5 Skill Points)
    5 to Spiritual Training (this is the uber skill of your familiar) - Unfortunately I can't find a description of these skill on the internet so I'll post the full description of the skills the next time I get another SoT
    *** Adrenaline Rush Gives uber buffs to your character for 5 seconds (grants atkspeed and as well regeneration to your BM)
    *** Torment give your familiar uber negative buffs (-50% hp and some other stuffs that will totally weaken your target
    ****** Your familiar can't learn both skill, the support skill will be usable only to your support familiar, while the negative buff skill will only be usable to your damage pet.

    Lvl 71-onwards (Not yet here, lvl 68 atm, so will post more on this once I get here, but I'm guessing I'll do skill reset once i'm here)
    Beholder Familiar
    Nature's blessing is a nice party Buff, at lvl 1 Def increased by 60% and 1% HP regen on each attack for 5 seconds
    And Sacrifice skill, instantly kills your familiar while increasing your attack by 10%, LVL 1, for 10 seconds

    Note (SET 1):
    I started from 1-20 because the first skills you should max out are your familiar and your defense buff. And you could upgrade the skill point whenever you want them to be as long as they're available for upgrade.

    *Set 2 Battle Type Fixed:
    Lvl 1-20 (10 skill points)
    5 to Spirit Fox (this is your primary support familiar)
    1 to Fixed Strike
    4 to Barkskin (this is your most essential buff skill at lvl 5 it gives a 30 mins of 15% +648 Increase in defense, so it is a must have if you want to do solo dungeon)

    Lvl 21-30 (5 SP) 3 SP
    1 Symbiosis
    1 Spirit Nova
    1 Toughness

    Lvl 31-40 (5 SP) 5 SP, 2 remaining sp
    1 Fixed Strike II
    4 Ghoul lvl 4

    Lvl 41-50 (5 SP) 4 SP, 3 remaining SP
    1 Poison Spores
    1 Mortal Strikes
    1 Spirit Elk
    1 Ghoul lvl 5 (it is essential to have your ghoul maxed out because they are your long term companion against WB battles until you have sufficient equipment and upgrades)

    LVl 51-60 (5 SP) 5+1 SP, 2 remaining SP
    1 Blessing of the Ancient (This is by far a buff skill that will most likely save a BM for long battles, specifically WBs that has status ailment skills, better than the barkskin if your equipments and upgrade are good)
    3 Spirit Elk lvl 4 (guessing that at lvl 2 and above you'll notice the buff skill of the elk appearing in the familiar interface. Now to enhance the effectiveness of this buff. Keep in mind the Elk's and the Fox's can be active at the same time. That's a double buff. Just be sure to acquire them before engaging your target battles: have them on attack mode and let them keep attacking weaker mobs until they cast the buff then switch familiars and do it until another buff is casted)
    1 Spirit Nova II
    1 Spirit Training

    Lvl 61-70 (5 SP) 2 SP, 5 remaining SP
    1 Fixed Strike III
    1 Beholder lvl 1

    Lvl 71-80 (5 SP) 4 SP, 6 remaining SP
    3 Beholder lvl 4
    1 Nature's Blessing

    Note (SET 2):
    Same as set 1, I started from lvl 1 to lvl 20. For the same reason as well.
    Upon reach lvl 80, you may want to: (a) to further maximize your skill use a SoT and get that 4 SP from the ghoul skill to have additional 4 SP + the 6 remaning, or (b) rebirth now and do option (a)
    I left out 6 SP to have you decide on whatever skills you may want to increase. But there are certain skill you may want to consider in upgrading:

    # Sacrifice (this is a great double edge skill, you sacrifice your familiar for the sake of increasing your attack damage. This is effective if you have a higher upgraded version of the fragarach weapon + you have better equipments + char upgrades such as tenets, soul whatsoever) **To effectively use this, you must only use this IF you notice your target is attacking your familiar AND your familiar's HP is almost depleted, that way you have maximized the tank-ability of your familiar and in a sense saved you decent amount of HP and Health Orb reserves
    # Nature's Blessing (a spirit BM's activated party buff, the effectiveness of this buff will be enhanced if your character have better equipment + upgrades because the buff counts as DEF%, add this as well to your Barkskin 25%, now that's a double of defense if you have this at lvl 5)
    # Spiritual Training (this is an exemplary skill for WBs and mobs, good buff from a support familiar or a good HP% damage against mobs from offense familiars)
    # Poison Spores (good for pvp as well as heavy hitter mobs)

    ##Contrary to what I laid out in the first set I didn't upgrade on familar HP/Def skill. This is because while we level up we also increase the efficiency of our equipment as well as upgrades, which would as well improve your familiar.

    Set 3: Battle Bear Lvl 45 ALT Beastmaster (will post soon)
    And most importantly I would advise for BM, specifically Feral Beastmasters not to immediately use available skill points when leveling Familiar summon skill. Because latter feral familiar have better stats than the previous, though it isn't much of concern for Spirit Familiars because all the spirit familiar are a necessity. Update: The Ghoul familiar should be obsolete once The Beholder is at lvl 3 and above.
    **Usage of Familiar:
    1-30 I mostly used spirit fox.
    The spirit fox is your main healer: Lvl 5 Feast heals you based on their stats + heal amount (I don't know because I doubt if ever the description is telling the truth, and a 10 mins buff Lvl 5: 10% increase in attack and 10% increase in attack speed.

    31-60 Summon Ghoul, why? It's because the elk doesn't yet have decent buff and the ghoul is your primary damager for most of the mobs as well as Bosses (Dungeon and World Bosses - if I remember right I'm soloing bosses when I was lvl 55ish, mortal with savage set + earthen 5 fragarach weapon)
    The Ghoul have: Lvl 1 Gobble, Damage + 3 second Daze, Lvl 5 Gobble (yeah they have same name), Damage + 15% reduction to target's defense, Lvl 5 Poison Burst: AoE Damage + 50% movespeed reduction and Lvl 5 Poison Sting: Damage + 5 seconds of 1% HP loss per second (That's 5% HP loss per 5 seconds but that's not all, the cool down of this skill is 5 seconds, which is why it immediately drain the HP of bosses/mobs, but not to hype things up, the Poison burst cancels this effect and that skill has an 8 seconds cooldown, still the percentage damage based on target's HP is uber strong)

    61-70 Spirit Elk, by this time the Elk's buffs are fully strengthen and my beastmaster requires more damage against higher lvl mobs, which a lvl 5 elk has.
    The spirit elk have: Lvl 5 Ancestral Prayer: 5 seconds immune to all negative status, Every 1 second 5% hp regenerated, Lvl 5 Foretell: 3 seconds Immune to damage and a 50% increase in your BM attack and its own 10 minutes buff Lvl 5 Invocation: 15% increase in attack 15% increase attack speed, 5% increased in crit and 25% increase in Critical damage.

    71-onwards Beholder (I kept having this once it reached lvl 3 blue name), it has two HP% damage. Forgot the skill lol will update them when I can. Though I only achieve lvl 4 gold name before I rebirthed, IMO it is insanely strong, if my memory is right, the beholder at lvl 4 also has a silence skill which unables your target from casting. Oh, did I say one of the HP% damage skill is an AoE?
    The beholder have: ... funny thing is, I forgot to note the skills. But they are sure awesome!

    Oddly enough my most used familiar of all levels is the Spirit Fox. Why? They're the ones I used for soloing Bath.

    That's all I have for now regarding this, i'll post another update once I reach higher level. I'll post another set of skill once i get another SoT. IMO, BMs have a wide variety of skill set because you have a familiar with you that very differ from the gameplay of other classes and that is why BMs are fun to play.

    Hopefully this guide will be helpful. Thanks for reading.
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    **Tips solo Battling World Bosses/Zodiac Bosses:

    Here's what I do:
    1 Summon a support familiar, Spirit Elk and have it on attack mode so it will give me a 10 minutes Buff
    2 Self Defense Buff Barkskin
    3 Summon a damager familiar, Ghoul and then proceed to AFK battle boss.

    This way I fully utilized my familiars' skills. I have more buffs with me and my famiiar is dealing a decent amount of damage to the Boss

    Be sure to notice as well if your familiar is attacking, because sometimes they don't. Familiars can't attack if they're position on a terrain that players can't get to. I.E. Edge of the map or certain areas you'd have to run around instead of moving through

    **Solo Bath:

    I don't know how people does it but here's what I do.

    1 BEFORE entering the blessed bath have Spirit Fox Summoned then have it on attack mode
    2 once in the bath go to coordinates: x:43 y:33 and x:42 y:33, then link them in my party chat for easy 1 click access
    3 This is the tricky part: Have your familiar positioned on either on the middle of the bridge or on the other side of the bridge. You could do this by going back and forth. Also click on the 2 easy coordinate I'd say to make sure that when you move 1 cell, the familiar won't change and stay in 1 place. You'll have to do this while the bath has started because you still need to talk to the npc, be sure to put the AoE in your hotkeys because this might take a few good tries.
    4 If you did step 3 successfully, heal yourself and just keep moving back and forth from the safe area and damage area (the coordinates I stated) until the lightning starts appearing.
    5 Once your familiar pet starts attacking the lightning, it will then heal you, once you do go to the damage area (also from the coordinate I stated)

    Important note: unequip all of your HP increasing equipment as it will increase the damage you'll receive in the baths. Equiping weapon is a must have as it increases the heal you receive from your familiar.

    Also, step 3 is tricky because you have to do it while the damage take place to make up for this, I'm using an alt who speaks to the npc and starts the bath. Yeah it takes away the hassle.

    Do note as well that the familiar won't do healing if it isn't on a movable terrain. If you'd noticed by now, familiars don't attack when their outside cells players can't go to. So if this happens during blessed bath you might want to heal your self and do step 3 again. Don't worry it only happens from the start of the lightning so there's ample time to receive the exp.

    If all goes well it should look like this, and I have one alt toon with me.

    *Update note: Soloing Bath gets harder once you start on upgrades that increases HP, such as HF, to fix this you must have a higher damage to equal out or to heal up from the damage you receive in bath.

    I recommend wearing savage set (exclude the body armor and helm), then remove wings, insignia (if adds HP), [Banner (if HP) and Sperion (if adds hp)], this set of items will ensure you to have high damage output -> which grants your familiar increased heal capability, while not increasing the damage you received in bath. With these my familiar heals me for about 6000 and the damage I receive is about 5200, that gives me a sustained HP to last in bath without any other party member.

    Also never be too careless when doing bath, there is a chance that your familiar will stop healing you to chase a far of lightning, in which case most likely the familiar will reset its position and will port to an area near you that is inaccessible hindering your familiar to heal. If this happens do step 3 again and also check your hp, never take damage when your only 1-2 hits left. Speed is the key.

    UPDATE: VERY IMPORTANT TIP, before you start the bath always input in chat [party chat, advisable] 3 coords. 1 coord for setting up the spirit fox, 1 for the damage area [x: 42, y:?], 1 for a one cell away from the damage area, your safe area [x:43 y:?]. This way you won't have to run around trying to fix your spirit fox if things go wrong.

    Also, doing bath at least 4 person/alts bath will only require 2 coords, 1 for setting up coord and 1 for damage area coord. Tried and tested this. I just knew of this because I always do my baths with only 3 characters, tried a 4 person bath and it ensured me a perfect bath. But that wouldn't be called solo bath... but w/e its a good way of doing blessed bath

    **Familiar Mastery Skill/ Spiritual Training [Adrenaline Rush (support)/ Torment (offensive)]:
    This is a mastery skill so Familiars in effect will be specific, hence support skill will only be available for Spirit Fox and Spirit Elk and offensive skill will only be available for Ghoul and Beholder

    [Lvl 5] Adrenaline Rush: Duration (5) seconds - The familiar's attack will regenerate yours and its HP and temporarily increase all of your attributes and attackspeed. Life Leech 180%, Attributes Increased by 50, and Attackspeed Increased by 160%

    [Lvl 5] Torment: Duration (?) seconds, Area of Effect (AoE) - Does damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their various stats. Attack Increeased by 180%, Afflicted Enemies Stats reduced by 50%: Attack, Defense, Attackspeed, Castspeed, HP, Crit and, Dodge. (all this will be reduced in half)
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      Does using feral passive skills affect spiritual familiars? or viseversa?


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        Originally posted by yoabedamarow View Post
        Does using feral passive skills affect spiritual familiars? or viseversa?
        Yup, both basic passive skills (e.g. Feral Toughness, Symbioses etc) will appear on both familiars either they be Feral or Spirit. What will not be in affect to both is the Familiar Mastery Skills, one that say "Feral/ Spiritual Training" or something like that. This skill will be specific only on their own respective side of the skill tree.

        Note that if you have your familiar with you and you upgrade a basic passive skill, you will need to summon it again to update its set of skill so that the passive skill will appear.
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          ok thx Bro )))


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            **Scion Skill Build - this is in response to a current thread asking for a rebirth skill guide and I don't want to make a new thread so I'll post it here. Post #6

            Set 1 (This is my skill build atm, please be gentle with me, feedback will be much appreciated) SP = Skill Point, i know you already know that

            Lvl 1 to 20 (12 from rebirth + 10 from level = 22 SP) [7 SP left, 15 SP used]
            Feral Tab (2)
            1 Ethereal Blow I (pre-requisite)
            1 Stormstrike I (mob/crowd control)
            Note: Why you need these? Well basically the Ethereal blow is pretty useless, what you need is the Stormstrike I. It is a better AoE skill compared to the Spirit Nova for 3 reasons: (1) Stormstrike has no cast time, while Spirit Nova as 1 or less seconds cast time, (2) It is range, you can cast it at far away mobs not just your surrounding and (3) better AFK skill compared to Spirit Nova, Stormstrike will surely hit a mob while Spirit Nova will sometimes just cast it around yourself when it targets a far off enemy, making you waste a seconds of cooldown and a little bit of mana. Anyway That's just my opinion

            Spirit Tab:
            1 Fixed Strike I
            5 Spirit Fox Lvl 5
            5 Barkskin (most important skill for me) Lvl 5
            1 Symbiosis
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening)

            Before continuing, the two scion skills of Beastmasters are:
            Feral Tab:
            Nature's Wrath (Awakening I) [Lvl 1] - Enemies withith 350 range suffer damage over time, last 5 seconds. Attack increased by: 124% + 1545, HP reduced by: 1%, HP reduction limit: 1000
            [Lvl 2] Attack increased by: 127% + 1648, HP reduced by: 1%, HP reduction limit: 2000

            Spirit Tab:
            Fatal Plague (Awakening I) [Lvl 1] Does physical damage and weakens enemines in target area, last 5 seconds. Attack is increased by: 132% + 1193, Attributes reduced by: 4%
            [Lvl 2] Attacked is increased by: 135% + 1271, Attributes reduced by: 8%

            Overall damage considering the damage of your BM is a solid 100-100:

            Nature's Wrath: I conclude its DoT is 1/sec, will be:
            ((124%+1545)x5)+(1000x5)= 13,345 for the whole 5 seconds duration

            Fatal Plague:
            135%+1271= 1406
            Pretty onesided if you base it on the damage but the thing which considered me to choose fatal plague was the damage limitation of Nature's wrath. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the damage limit will only be 1000, that is for lvl 1, it will be same damage no matter how high the HP of my targets are. I.e. 1% of 1,000,000 is 10,000, but the reduction limit is just 1000. So the most damage i can do to a target with a million HP won't be higher unless my damage is higher. Unless I am mistaken I'll re-think this decision. And regarding Fatal Plague, it's not about the damage but the debuff it can do, 4% reduction on various attributes, including HP and DEF, that's a lot of stats going down making my target/s easier to eliminate.

            Lvl 21-30 (5 SP new + 7 SP left) [5 SP used, 7 SP left)
            1 Spirit Nova I
            1 Fixed Strike II
            1 Feral Toughness
            1 Summon Ghoul Lvl 1
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening) Lvl 2

            Lvl 31-40 (5 SP + 7 SP) [5 SP used, 7 SP left]
            3 Summon Ghoul Lvl 4
            1 Mortal Strikes
            1 Poison Spores

            Lvl 41-50 (5 SP + 7 SP) [4 SP used, 8 SP Left]
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening) Lvl 3
            1 Summon Ghoul Lvl 5
            1 Spirit Elk
            1 Blessing of the Ancients

            Lvl 51-60 (5 SP + 8 SP) [10 SP used, 3 SP Left]
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening) Lvl 4
            1 Spirit Nova II
            5 Spiritual Training Lvl 5
            3 Spirit Elk Lvl 4

            --- (This is the furthest I am for now, currently lvl 61 scion and the rest on here will be my plan until i'm ready for Eido Rebirth)

            Lvl 61-70 (5 SP + 3 SP) [2 SP used, 6 SP Left]
            1 Fixed Strike I
            1 Summon Beholder

            Lvl 71-80 (5 SP + 6 SP) [10 SP used, 1 SP Left]
            5 Nature's Blessing Lvl 5
            1 Sacrifice
            3 Summon Beholder Lvl 4
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening) Lvl 5

            Lvl 81-100 (10 SP + 1 SP) [2 SP used, 9 SP left]
            1 Summon Beholder Lvl 5
            1 Fatal Plague (Awakening) Lvl 6, (rq lvl 90)

            Note: At the moment you get your Beholder to 5 or at least 4, you may use SoT to reset back time- i mean reset your skill and leave your ghoul to lvl 1, that way you'll get another extra 4 SP. And another 2 SP if you remove the 2 skills in the Feral Tab.

            The 9 SP left, I will be used on w/e I deem necessary. joke. But seriously that 10 SP will be left on to you. But here are my suggestions:

            *Max Spirit Spore (Lvl 5, 4 SP used) - I'm guessing it give 100% hit reduction, and the few seconds mini-stuns
            *Feral Toughness and Symbiosis (Lvl 5, 8 SP used) - kinda good having them familiars with always.
            *Mortal Strikes and Sacrifice (Lvl 5, 8 SP used) - no explanation here. Attack +50% for 10 seconds, and your Crit +5%, critdamage +15%
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              dont you need to get super nova before u can get fixed strike 2


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                Can Anyone give guide on Feral Beastmaster???