Hi, I am (S96)brewmaster. I am currently a 5.5m atk beastmaster and I'll try to share my info about beasmaster in this topic as much as I can.

------------ Heraldry --------------

Firstly, Beastmasters are defensive classes no matter what people say. It's true you can play offensive as a beastmaster, you can play offensive with any class but It doesn't change the fact It's a defensive class.
You don't have immortality skills ( Elk familiar has it but cmon, we all know they don't work properly. ) or dodge skills like rogues, mages, knights.
So basicly you are vulnerable. We will try to cover it up with heraldries so I suggest going with 4 Holiness seals in purple seals.

Even though we are a defensive class, we are the 2nd class with most cdmg. So we will try to abuse it as much as we can, I suggest 8 slaughter seals in attri seals.

Note : Some people go for 1 slowdown seal in purple seals but It's literally useless. You need crit dmg, not atk spd. You already get tons of atk spd from nowhere as a BM.
Note 2 : I'm pretty sure people will tell me that "People have so much crit def nowadays because of chi, soul bla bla bla" yeah I know, and beastmasters can bypass that crit def with their unholy amount of crit dmg.

-------- Builds ---------

Even though I say "Builds" I'm against building a feral BM. Since familiars don't have crit def, they get one shotted easily.
It means we'll look for utility rather than some base stats on familiars. Spiritual familiars sounds perfect for that right ?
Fox familiar buff gives 10% atk spd and 10% atk boost, Elk familiar buff gives 15% atk spd, crit, atk boost and "crit dmg"
You just gonna take the buffs and sacrifice the familiar for 50% all stat boost ( this includes crit dmg too ) ( THIS IS FOR PVP )


Important, importand and IMPORTANT : Don't put atk spd gems on your ring, go for crit damage instead. You already get tons of atk spd from nowhere.

------ PvP -------

I'm gonna be honest as a BM, we don't have much playstyle in both PvE and PvP.
I can talk about 2 PvP strategy as a BM and those are :

1) Truesight Kite : In this one you'll focus on annoying your enemy as much as possible, don't get close and just spam truesight. If your target gets close, use spores or nature's wrath and burst him with sacri + life freeze combo. If the target is still alive keep kiting with truesight.
Note : as soon as your target's doom seal procs, cast sacrifice then spam normal atk until he's 50% hp then cast life freeze to root the target.
Note 2 : If your target has unholy amounts of hp, forget about note 1.

2) Life Freeze Burst : This is kind of a risky strategy but always worked fine for me so far. In this strategy you'll cast sacri, nature's blessing and battle shout and charge at your enemy.
When you get close to your target use Nature's Wrath then Life Freeze ( Yes, life freeze. There's no rule like you mustn't use it if your target isn't below 50% hp, Life Freeze has the highest parameter in BM skills. ) and when nature's wrath over, drop spores on them and keep attacking.

---- PvE -----

Crystal Saga - "How should a beastmaster run Corruption ?" ( Kristal Kanatlar ) - YouTube
The skill route in PvE is like , Spores > Nature's Wrath > Spores > Hex Flower > Spores ( watch 4:58 in the vid )

Very important Note : In order to stun lock the bosses and mobs, you must use Demonic Gift sperion skill. ( It reduces your targets' atk spd by 35% and hex flower reduces by 65% which is 100% in total. And every mob has 100% atk spd. )


It's pretty much like this. If you have any other questions you can reply to this post, DM me from discord ( Denny#3916 )
or join our Discord and tag me when you have a question. https://discord.gg/sRjqnd9ea2