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Dungeoneering tips

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  • Dungeoneering tips

    -If you are a casher advised to buy 3 pets with stun charm. rotate pets for 12 sec stun with own stun possible 16.
    -pets from market 12+g each

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    Love how you say 12 seconds of stun by rotating pets however I find their one major flaw in this, and that is pet cool down for changing pets which is 15 seconds this breaks your 12 seconds of stun their for thats a lie you cant stun for 12 seconds unless you have a dk/ba with their self stun+ a charm lv 4 then your stun that would easily make a rotation possible however your current way is not plossable.
    Char: BlackKnight(lvl 140 Eidolon Knight), Jellah(7x priest) Gimina(lv 5x mortal rogue)
    Server: Glacial Planes.
    Guild: Mortal Elites (Sage)

    For in depth knight guide click the link below

    "Let failure be your guide for in failure you learn how to play"


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      Even with a BA or DK it wont work, unless u got your skills L4 which is nearly impossible since they are so hard to obtain. Like prolly rarest skill books in entire game, and would prolly cost 100's of diamonds per each one on most servers.


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        Well the best u could do is 23 sec each +- 40 sec
        I have a BA, DK and Trex :
        6sec BA
        4 sec DK
        My Trex as charm lvl 3 so 6 sec
        + 3.5 sec fierce atk
        and my 3.5 stun atk

        But have to be extremely Lucky that the pet use the skill at the good time.
        Crystal Saga:
        IGN: (S57)ITankU
        Server: Eternal Sanctum
        Class: Knight
        Plane: Eidolon
        Level: 150
        Spouse: Being single is much better than being lied
        Wings: Prom Wing + something
        Weapon: lastone X + 16
        Mount: Foxy gen 3
        Pixie : the one after Blazing Empress
        Nobility: Emperor
        Guild: Legend
        Pet: Gen 3 T-Rex