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So im making a knight soon

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  • So im making a knight soon

    I want to make a hybrid knight, one more focused on offense but with some nice defensive stats / skills too.

    I was thinking 2 str / 1 end, but i see people ALWAYS go 1 str / 2 end, is 2/1 bad?

    Also, can anybody recommend a good build for something like this? I will be duoing dungeons etc with my priest hybrid


  • #2
    either way is good 1/2 tank 2/1 dps either way by 80 ull be aroud the same defense


    • #3
      2str-1endu up to lv 35 or 40, and 2 endu lv 35 or 40 >>>>>>>(ita a good tanker build)
      Good luck
      Class : TANKER Knight
      Name : (S34)Capo
      Server : (S34)Void Encampment
      Level : 63 Scion LEVELING
      Honor : Archduke
      Wife : (S34)Bia
      Guild : (S30)AngelHearts
      Pets : Teeka, Super Demon