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How to be an OP Hybrid Knight Guide

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    Originally posted by Beepuddylan View Post
    I would like to give my compliment to this guide... You make some good points... I currently play on S58 as a lvl 56 knight on the mortal plane... But I had a character on Kongregate that was lvl 78 eidolon knight... And I did the exact same thing on my character as is listed in your guide.... But I do suggest Screen Shots, as I find that people can better follow a guide with a picture to guide them.... I know it helped people understand my guide.... Keep up the good work!!!
    Hope you understand that this was a year ago made recently necroed thread.
    Stalkers OP.

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      best builds r the ones which u figure out.... play for a long while u ll get to know what u r supposed to do... where u r going wrong all that stuff :P


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        @diablue: You are right, the best builds are the ones you know how to use and the ones you learn how to use. Iv used the same build sense I turned scion and ill have to say no build iv seen yet has compared to just how good a "self build" can be. The best way to learn is by trial and error sadly this only works on things you can reset.
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        For in depth knight guide click the link below

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