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Looking for Great Pureblood Build 80+

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  • Looking for Great Pureblood Build 80+

    I've been looking through the forums lately and I have yet to see one solid PureBlood build past level 50. Everyone has a hard on for Hybrid Priest and I am wondering if there isn't higher potential power from Blood (especially in PvP). Also, reading the descriptions from rebirth skills, you can still have the scion buff while being Pureblood. Personally I have yet to rebirth on my server bc I want t be the first in the 85 dungeon (although I am reading it is ****) and get to level 100 (just for fun).


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    Honestly I dont think you will find one. Thats just my opinion, but what makes me say this? The fact that until not long ago there wasnt even a pure blood priest build up to level 50, and there still would not be if it wasn't for me. So I think in cases like this, just test things out and if you dont like what you get, simply get a Sands of Time and redo your skills.
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