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Hybrid Priest Build (Higher level Eidolon) PVE

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  • Hybrid Priest Build (Higher level Eidolon) PVE

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    So this is my build and personally the best build for a priest at this moment in time.

    So start off why no scion buff and lvl 1 buffs for COF/GP?
    Because waste of skill points imo (In my opinion).
    Either have your own alt lvl 120 scion or if you're in S12's group of servers you'll know we got an 24/7 AFK Buffer (no idea if other servers have never played any others)
    This is a PVE build, I do not bother with PVP on such a poor system of 1 hit or be 1 hit, no skill needed.
    If you don't have either then this build will not work for you, sorry :'c

    So starting from Holy Side
    • Light beams are more or less useless cuz cast, no matter your cast speed bloodblade 2 will out dps it + buff is nice
    • Both Spirit Infusions are lvl 5 because both are useable, so max both and put in your afk!
    • Light heal lvl 5 because well you gotta heal when you gotta heal.
    • Holy Light, Saint's Stregnth and Circle of Healing are more or less useless, guess you could use Circle of Healing to heal damaged people in pvp/ladder?
    • Improved Holy Light is pretty nice 5% HP every 2 seconds if it's maxed so say you have 1million HP that'll = 50k every 2 seconds and it lasts 10 seconds.
    • Guardian's Protection is lvl 1 because, well alt for buffing same goes for Circle of Power.
    • Angel's Blessing and Goddess Embrace maxed because both are good! Angel's Blessing is like a passive Improved Holy Light but 10% HP/MP every 10 seconds and Goddess Embrace doesn't allow negative buffs to be cast onto you for 10 seconds (Does not work for Purgatory annoying 10 sec stun thing from 3rd boss.)
    • Pure in Heart is level 3 because well don't really need it maxed, lvl 3 = 12 second cd which is good enough, great for corruption -50% stat debuff.
    • Resurrection is level 2 because well extra skill point and I don't really use it unless my alts die in ladder or something. Besides if you do parties in ladder/void you also have blood pool then res so time isn't much of an issue imo.
    • Rest are useless so haven't gotten them.

    Now for the Dark umm Blood Side c:
    • So the last Blood Beam/Blood Pack maxed because even though the increase is small, it helps every little bit^^
    • The last Life Drain is level 4 because of Damage Reduction and I had it at 4 because of my Damage Reduction at the time however I don't use anymore, if you're a lower stat player I say max it with the random point from Resurrection lvl 2.

      Because and here's the bomb shell MDEF and PDEF are broken stat(in bad way not good) They don't work well what so ever, I've tested it and 100k mdef/pdef only reduces about 20k Damage recevived which is super low and getting MDEF/PDEF is not easy either.

      So using Life Drain will help reduce damage you take from magically attacks by 10% and lasts like 3-4 seconds (I forget :c )
    • Curse Mastery maxed because 10% HP is great and needed to level up the other curses.

      Blue Curse (Curse of Weaknesses) reduces your targets attack by 25% when maxed and actually work in PVE and it's great, op too. USE IT!

      Purple? Curse (Curse of Decay) reduces your targets defence, PVE mobs/bosses don't have defence so don't put more than 1 point in.

      Red Curse (Phlegmatic Curse) reduces your targets movespeed by 60% movespeed, this is love people, this works great for kiting things you can't tank for example void (mainly 16/25 I still kite cuz I nub :c) Magic tower, ladder just any non ranged boss you can't tank really. EXTREMELY HELPFUL.
    • Blood Scion skill is called Death Cometh ignore the 40% Damage Reduction given in description, it's a lie :/ but it does last 10 seconds and also increases your HP/MATK by 24% and basically gives you a bloodlust of 64%(Basically Seiryu or Knight Bloodlust skill but much more OPer and not perm) which is super op and an extreme life saver.
    • Blood Eidolon skill is called Bloody Acres. It lasts 13 seconds once maxed and again, it's a life saver I will explain later on in the skill rotation section :]
    • Bloodblades! They're both great and give nice buffs but Bloodblade 2 gives movespeed instead of attack speed but it has a 1.5second cooldown and will be your hardest hitting skill. (I do like 7.1mill and all my other attacks are like bit over 5mill xD Crazy difference)
    • Bloodpool. Lasts 5 seconds and is a selected area AOE skill. It does reduce your targets damage reduction by 100% (basically points your targets down to 0% Damage reduction not -20% or whatever so they take more damage, nope. The Damage Reduction wont work for PVE because again, PVE mobs/bosses do not have DEF or any sort of Damage Reduction.

    Skill Rotation
    AFK mode should have both Spirit Infusions, Both Bloodblades, Advanced Bloodpack and Curse of Weaknesses.
    Now pets are good too, personally I use a Burning Angel with terrible stat but I deleted all skills which are not passive but left the silence skill so my BA uses it instantly once I put it on attack mode.
    So my rotation kinda depends on what really if for example lvl 10 corr (can't tank it yet) I have a skill rotation for it which lets me do it pretty easy.
    1. So I start off with Death cometh/GE (GE so -50% stat buff goes away) then I put AFK on.
    2. When Death cometh is 1 second left I use Improved Holy Light and then I use Priest Frag Totem skill to stun the boss.
    3. I time the 3 second stun in my head and just before it runs out I put my BA on attack mode to silence the boss then I put on follow and call back.
    4. Just before the BA silence ends again, I time in my head I use Improved Holy Light.
    5. When the silence is off I wait 2-3 seconds to try tank a hit or 2 and use Blessed Orbs to get that HP back I then use Bloodpool.
    6. During the Bloodpool silence my BA goes off CD and I summon it again and while timing Bloodpool in my head I put my BA on attack mode to silence the boss since calling back and resummoning pets cancels the CD time.
    7. Use Death cometh again and should be dead by then if not repeat if skills not on CD get decent distance and use Bloody Acres.

    Gear, so important, so expensive.
    • Helmet best is Knight imo, cast not needed and the HP is alot better. Best to use set knight helms not dungeon drop.
    • Armor/Robe whatever you wanna call it. Best is a dungeon drop gear that is Good/OS (for the HP) and has high Damage Reduction which is your only sort of defense as said earlier incase you missed it.

      'MDEF and PDEF are broken stat(in bad way, not good) They don't work well what so ever, I've tested it and 100k mdef/pdef only reduces about 20k Damage recevived which is super low and getting MDEF/PDEF is not easy either.'
    • Gloves. Cheapest best will be Slayers because crit dmg is OP, you need good crit rate to make sure Seiryu is used to it's max potential.
      Otherwise if you can afford it Orange EB/Cel Priest Glove since Crit dmg + Matk %'s.
    • Boot. Best is Ares Awakened boot of course but for those who can't afford get a dungeon drop boot with high Damage Reduction. If you wanna be crazy get one with high Damage Reduction and Dodge.
    • Offhand. Priest offhand for the 5% Magical Damage Reduction which is OP and super helpful, the HP is also a great bonus.
    • Banner. HP my friend, all about that HP. Attack is alot easier to increase with tenets mainly and you can never have too much HP. You'll need tons corr 10, void 16/25 and the ladder floors 90+ are hard.
    • Sperion. Attack sperion! Because attack is great, nothing better than hitting harder and also def sperion is useless because MDEF/PDEF is broken remember! All about that damage reduction.

      Sperion Skill. Your main and best sperion skill is Blood Breaking Kill basically you have a % chance to reduce your targets HP by 5% of max hp. It's a bit like frag but it's based on max hp, not current like frag and makes stuff alot faster.

      You other sperion skill is Demonic Gift this is best for Avernal because the attack speed will 'hopefully' make you proc more frag procs and Blood Breaking Kill does not work in Avernal and by that I mean, if it procs the damage done wont be added to your score.
    • Insignia. Best is Ares ofc since 14% Damage Reduction OP but till then best you work on the medal insignia 10% once orange.
    • Necklace. Best is a dungeon drop necky which has high Damage Reduction and some or high Crit dmg because they're both much more important stat than any necky can give.
    • Ring. I guess this depends on your on opinion but you can go either a dungeon drop ring for high damage reduction or priest set ring you still get basic 5% damage reduction and 8% matk.

    So for attibutes go full intell for that matk, every lil bit helps

    Heraldry I can't say, personally I've gone dream seals for the matk but I think evils would work good too for dodge/hp to help tank stuff I guess but with my rotation and kiting things like void floor 16/25 I don't really need the evils.

    Best blessing to use is Light Seal Broken,
    • 50% Attack speed to help proc frag/bkk for speedy runs
    • 50% crit dmg gives a better dps output than peace.
    • 15% Crit Strike to help crit so you deal better DPS and better Seiryu heals (Must hit 100% crit strike!!)
    • 15% Dodge I guess helps a bit for certain things? Personally I don't see a difference and dodge/hit only useful for PvP but yeah I don't do that.

    Elementals. Death Odor/MATK/PATK/Attack Speed are the best ones since well, chance to 1 hit things, extra dmg, better frost dmg, faster attacking/chance to proc bbk/frag.

    So personally I say try to work on Immortal (Orange) asap and work on heart yes light is in the way but you'll need that anyway so gotta go for heart for that damage reduction!

    After that max ice then brilliance and get void to 7 or 9, for the damage reduction. Immortal soul is important to make tenets and heraldry seals OP with all the attribute %'s, how else do the OP people get like 60k+ str/intell :P

    Once done, nice to work on
    • Numbness, once maxed 10% chance to stun for 1 second on every hit which is quite nice (In light)
    • Simplicity for Crit dmg/Crit strike %, same goes for Cruelty (In void)
    • Attack %'s in Brilliance
    • Intell %'s in Light
    • By then most of your soul should be done so then as what I'm currently doing maxing the end % souls which are Motion in Heart and Solidarity in Ice.
    • Rest I guess have fun?

    However do keep in mind about pixie and the ss needed because it is worth it.
    To know how many needed for each upgrade simply google it.

    Think I covered everything, yw and good luck :P
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    Thank you for this guide, was wondering what build to use for my priest

    You can ban him again now, job is done
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      Originally posted by Dio-Brando View Post
      Thank you for this guide, was wondering what build to use for my priest

      You can ban him again now, job is done
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      'Do transformers get car or life insurance?'