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One small change that can make a huge difference.

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  • One small change that can make a huge difference.

    I am currently a lvl 85 eidolon priest. I have been playing cs for a little over a year. I typically don't write too often on the forums, however, after experiencing many aspects of this game from the perspective of a player with priest as their main class, I can't help but voice my concern over the viability of the priest class for end game play.

    I may not speak for all, but a majority of high level priests convey a feeling of frustration at the limitations of the priest class in any pvp situation.

    I won't get into all the different issues with skills and balance issues, however, as witness to the quickly diminishing priest population, I am writing this in hopes that the Devs would seriously consider one small adjustment to one priest skill which without affecting any other aspect of this game's dynamics could drastically improve priest survivability in pvp.

    I suggest that the skill "goddess embrace" be given the following 2 improvements.

    1. Skill useable despite any status effects on player. - meaning make it castable even if stunned.
    2. change Duration to 0.

    This alone should give a priest some chance at survival.

    Currently, even extremely accomplished players who have really worked a great deal on developing their characters perform mediocre at best in pvp situations and can't compete with players of other classes who've put in much less effort. I sincerely hope that R2games considers this minor adjustment to the Goddess Embrace skill. It's very disheartening to lose so many great priests because of oversights in design that enables a lvl 76 scion rogue or lvl 63 eidolon knight to own a lvl 80+ eidolon priest with a +13 frag weapon and second aura in soul developement.

    Thanks for reading

    Server 10 (Starglade)
    Lvl 8x Eidolon Priest

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    Endgame pvp a priest is completely overshadowed by every other class. Even if priest cash 2x more then the average player at eidolon they will still lose 99% of the time, because there skills are mostly broke compared to other classes, not to mention healing is completely wasted since the devs dont see the need to "balance" it like they do Matk and Patk, ever notice that a mage can go into seng with 20k matk and have 30k with balancer, same with rogue,ranger,kngiht. But if a priest goes in with 20k heal, the balancer ends up giving them about 22k heal. So they are already gimped hard on any holy spells they cast (specially lightbeam and whatnot) The heal stat needs a huge boost just like every other stat gets in seng and ladder and other places. Priest end up needing to divide there matk/heal to get a balance, every other class can just max 1 stat and be fine, so this needs to be looked into asap.


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      not really...knights need to up the atk and def....rogues need crit/dodge/atk so it is wrong to say we can just up one stat and be fine. besides the light bam already hits way too hard in seng and you want to hit it even harder?


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        Dark in honesty you know as well as I do Priests are overshadowed in PvP :P Light beam takes cast time, which makes it hardly usefull in quick combat since most fights last 2-5 hits (unless you're facing a knight). It's most of use for hitting stationairy targets like Avernal or The sengolia buildings.
        I play Smurf (alt-priest eidolon) only little in seng, lately more and more and I do agree to Goddess Embrace being always able to be casted. However this isn't the first thread about a priest revamp, here's the compilation of the thus-far made suggestions:
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          I only have an alt as a priest and I have to agree they need more balance .


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            yeah i know normal priests are......well not very good in PvP. but everytime i read lightbeam i remember zeph's or erikas's light beam(crits) one shotting me>.>


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              Ya but your talking about amazing priest who have cashed 1000's of $ to get that good, but if u compare a super heavy casher priest to any other class, its a joke.


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                Despite all the time, dedication, and hard work Zephyrix put into his priest, when you compare with some of the classes of similar calibur of Soul progression, gems, gear, pets etc... ie Madoka - mage, Dembones - knight, Dode - rogue etc.... dissapointing is an understatement when you consider the differences in power. I consider the players whom I mentioned to be amongst the top developed characters in our currently merged server and it's really a shame to see that considering the equivalent time, effort, and resources that were poured into Zephyrix, his power lvl pales in comparison.

                The fact that I have yet to see any r2admin comment on any of the posts regarding the suggestions for priest, really saddens me since I know a lot of people have taken a whole lot of time to help compile some of that information on top of the time and energy used to develope their priest. I don't quite know what to think about how this game's administrators appear to be turning a blind eye to the painfully obvious fact that the priest class need some serious improvements. Even some small hint that they have read our concerns and are looking into the matter would at least show some that they at least care about their players and looking into the issue but as of yet, I have not seen anything other than the occasional forum moderator commenting on the situation with encouraging words that do little except present us with the possibility of something being done but yet remains unconfirmed.

                I really do believe that the priest community of this game really do deserve a little something to let us know that all our efforts are not in vain, and give us all a reason to continue playing this game. Preferably in the form of confirmed post announcing some sort of intent to work this issue.


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                  This is just based on the topic name, not the same situation.

                  Since many Priests are saying they are underpowered to other clsses, I have a "skill" extra effect to place on them, so maybe it would help a bit.

                  Since curses are used mainly to stun the enemy, how about use it to help the Priest, like a "good" curse? For example, the curses would still have the same stun and lower stat thing, but in addition, it would have this new effect:

                  When the curse is placed on the character, it gives them the same % of decrease the enemy gets, but in increase, and it gets additional stats to make up for the stun.
                  This would mean that the curse Circle of Weakness (1/5) would give the Priest casting: +5% Attack for 15 seconds, Increase Atk/Move/Cast speed by 50% for 2 seconds, and heal 30% HP based on the normal dmg done.

                  The enemy effect and the caster effect could be placed together, if both the enemy and caster are in the circle's range.

                  This may be OP though, but I thought it would be a nice addition for those Priests who don't seem happy with their class.


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                    agree, good idea


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                      Priests are nerfed compared to the original game.
                      There is no need to OP priest skills, just fix the skills to work as the descriptions say.


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                        just one note this causing many highranked priest to quit, prove? try to find priest for ladder!
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                          as a new player and a priest i agree... i was SO tired of not being able to do anything without help, btw making it very slow going on my lvl, i got so bored i started a 2nd character, a knight. she is SO much more fun becuase i do any dungeon i want solo with plenty of potions way before any priest can. I can now at 47 do dungeons solo (rv and bc) but it takes soooo long to kill yawn. I honestly dont know how you guys kept going till scion and high lvls.


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                            Originally posted by MandixMage View Post
                            as a new player and a priest i agree... i was SO tired of not being able to do anything without help, btw making it very slow going on my lvl, i got so bored i started a 2nd character, a knight. she is SO much more fun becuase i do any dungeon i want solo with plenty of potions way before any priest can. I can now at 47 do dungeons solo (rv and bc) but it takes soooo long to kill yawn. I honestly dont know how you guys kept going till scion and high lvls.
                            Wasn't SO, SO, SO bad before Eidolon.
                            Stalkers OP.

                            Best (ex) R2 employee quote: "Be kind to your fellow players ~ you never know when they are alt GMs "


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                              off-topic question:

                              does the death comet skill workin properly? as ive read so far, they said that the damage reductions isnt workin. like it must be damage, boosts matk/hp, leech and damage reduc..theyre sayin that its the leech %, not the damage reduc. %. So which is which? =[

                              AND .. is it an aoe skill or just single target? thx in advance.