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  • Priest Build.

    So im going to post a build im thinking up atm, its only going to cover the skills mainly and stat distribution so dont expect anything big on detail, im only level 36 on my first priest ^_^

    Stat distribution

    1-20: 2 int 1 end
    20+ all int

    Holy Tree:

    Light Heal - 5/5
    Holy Light - 1/5
    Saints Strength - 5/5

    Guardians Protection - 5/5
    Pure in Heart - 1/5
    Resurrection - 1/5
    Angels Blessing - 5/5
    Circle of Power - 5/5

    Blood Tree:

    Blood Beam - 1/5
    Life Drain - 1/5
    Blood Pact - 1/5
    Improved Blood Beam - 1/5
    Improved Life Drain - 1/5
    Improved Blood Pact - 1/5
    Master Blood Beam - 1/5

    Curse Mastery - 1/5
    Curse of Weakness - 1/5
    Ring of Decay - 1/5
    Philegmatic Curse - 1/5

    Total Skill Points = 39.

    So this build is complete at level 78.

    The idea behind it is to be a good hybrid, good at everything but excel at nothing. You'll be able to solo dungeons, farm effieciently, heal well and have the utility that people want from priests (buffs, res for ladder etc)

    It is possible to save the 6 points from getting saints and putting them into the curse tree for more hp / powerful curses, at level 82 you have 5/5 curse mastery and the curse of your choice - so with ring of decay thats +10% hp and -35% def on cursed mobs. (as opposed to the 2% and -5% you get with the current build) this is basically the "solo version" of the build as you dont have saints for the added healing in groups but gain HP and offense.

    For healing in groups you'll only be using Light Heal with Saints Strength triggered to boost its healing capabilities, solo you'll just be using light heal on its own.

    DPS-wise you'll be spamming your skills (blood beam, life drain, blood pact and curses)

    With angels blessing you'll be able to solo dungeons and even bath when its 5/5, as it restores 10% hp every 10 seconds along with your light heal it should be more then enough to handle anything, perhaps with the odd use of an orb in a tough boss fight.


    Vulture / Morphed vulture
    Baby Angel

    For the heal / utility they provide.

    Hope you enjoyed and found it useful, cya!