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Guardians Protection or Tenacity?

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  • Guardians Protection or Tenacity?

    I'm playing a priest, and I'm stuck between the guardians protection and tenacity skill lines. My questions are:
    1) Which is better before level 50?
    2) Which is better after level 50?
    3) Which is better for dungeoning, ladder, and PVE? Why?
    4) Which is better for PVP? Why?
    5) In general, which would you prefer?

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    1) Guardian's Protection, why? Not sure is tenacity actually even working.
    2) Same as above.
    3) Same as first.
    4) Same as first.
    5) Probably know by now, lol.
    Stalkers OP.

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      I see you are new here, go for Guardian Protection for everything you do.
      Tenacity tree skills aren't for the inexperienced.
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        I prefer blood priest but being one as a lowbie it aint smart your better of being holy for leveling and the buffs makes duns. (And bath) easy also its probavly easier to get into a ladder party as a holy priest. You can always switch later when your stronger
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          The blood tree in general is for players who know more about the skills and have leveled quite a bit because most of the blood tree is useless if you have low stats or lack the skill points (for example death cometh is hardly useful if you're like level 50 when heavenly protection 3 would give you substantial stat boost to help with leveling)

          If you are genuinely interested in a blood build, I recommend looking at my guide which also goes through skill analysis for all priest skills and both support and blood focus builds

          Sith's Priest Guide


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            Okay, going with Guardian's Protection. Thanks!