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Light Beam - Atk Spd or Cast Spd?

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  • Light Beam - Atk Spd or Cast Spd?

    I know for a fact that Light Beam is a Casting Spell.

    But now that Virtues is released and is in line with the Holy Tree, and its effects include "When player's HP is below 50%, increase attack speed by 100%" makes me rethink if Light Beam is really a casting spell.

    Because if Light Beam is really a casting spell, it beats the purpose of getting the Virtues for its 100% increase attack speed. Of course, if Light Beam is based on attack speed, who wouldn't want to spam it when you have the chance to have 100% increase attack speed. If not, the effect is rather useless unless you are a hybrid priest who wants to devise Blood skills + healing effects.

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    Virtue sucks, you get better proc rate with the new Blood tree skills, besides you get AOE charm with Def % Reduction.
    Slap any knights with 75% damage reduct with that.
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      yeah new blood skills look so bad ***


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        To clarify, light beam uses both casting and attacking speed.

        All skills use attack speed (ie attacking animation speed) while only some skills use cast speed (cast time)

        For whatever reason why they put such a passive on the holy tree which mostly utilizes casting speed, it would seem to be targeted at making instant casts quicker (moot point when all the instant casts, spirit infusion, healing wave, magic blast, are already 0.5sec)

        In my opinion, this skill is badly designed because it should increase both attack and cast speed. Secondly, it has a cool down of 15 sec and a requirement of having under 50% hp.

        And since magic blast is still bugged, you're not getting much for picking magic blast+virtue tree over blood blade+blood pool tree
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