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    Originally posted by Zuzap View Post
    Even as a supportive role, which the priests were supposed to be built for, begins to be redundant later on.

    With the introduction of the beast soul, specifically seiryu soul, basically make most toons with decent attack speeds almost invincible, especially rogues who can, with 200% attack speed (which most non-noob rogues have) regen 20% HP per sec. This outheals the priest's light heal which is the skill that heals the most that does not have a big cooldown.

    Knights and their bloodlust skill can lifesteal about the same as a priest can heal, with no cast time and a constant dps.

    When laddering endgame or whatever, priests almost always do nothing, because the DPS or tank either get one shot or don't need many heals at all with pet rotation and stun locks and kiting skills.

    No one ever parties up for dungeons so priests are useless there too.

    R2 we need you to listen to the priests. I love the priest class and their cuteness but the difference in power is just too large. People who i should be much stronger than at my level and gear can kill me and i cant do anythin
    We have a few Supportive healers on our server, but people laugh at them.
    The server is relatively new, but it has Scions now and we are quickly noticing that Supportive Holy priests are not even useful.

    It's sad, both spec's are so useless, Majority of players prefer "Hybrid" because over half of the skills in either spec are almost useless at under the middle point of the game, rendering the class a low level alt farmer class.


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      I already sent u a personal message so I won't be saying anything that I've already said not to mention there's few others who already added the extras.
      All that being said you already managed to get hold of most of the aspects of the priest class in the game.

      The things I wanted to add was that first priest is a support class. We're not supposed to out damage other class or out tank them. True that support of the priest isn't really needed later in the game but since your server is still new priests will still be needed for a year or two at least. Even in my merged server there's only a handful of players that can solo Evil Beast nightmare or solo ladder to 75 (maximum floor for ladder will probably increase). You also have to realise that the strength of the character isn't all based on the stat that it has (don't get me wrong the stats contribute a significant amount), however given enough experience, even as a priest you can kill other class with half their stat (this is assuming you can control your priest better than the other player).

      When it comes to endgame when everything is 1-2 hits in pvp everyone stand a change regardless of which class your in. Remember matk isn't everything for a priest; your heal stat also contributes to your damage. With enough crit chance, crit dmg and hit rating its possible for you can send spirit infusion and improved spirit infusion doing a million damage each in total duration of less than 1 second. If you are willing to cash a great deal and put in alot of effort into your character you can most probably do 2-4 million damage (per hit and remember that spirit infusion is 0.5s duration at 100% cast spd so you can do about 4-8million dmg in about 0.5 second - sure its a burst then you have to wait until cool down's ready for doesn't matter too much in pvp), I don't know how much exactly, mine's not that well developed.

      I did say I prefer the holy mortal skills over blood mortals when I was previously talking to you but that's just my personal opinion, and whatever people say death cometh is.... I would even go as far as to call it a priest's version of invincibility (even if its really not ). Blood under no mean is weak. Death Cometh alone is formidable, with Blood pool, sacrifice, bloodflow and enhanced circulation its a quiet a tree. Which tree is better all depends on how you play and which you prefer. In the end no one can tell you what to do, how to control your character or what to upgrade, this is a game for a reason not a puzzle game with only one correct answer.

      Having said all that I might sound like I'm contradicting myself but I agree that priest is weak compared to other class and hope that we get some revamp, or get a cool new update/skill with the 3rd rebirth that's anticipated. Nonetheless its just a game, as long as you enjoy playing stats doesn't matter (forever noob haha >.< ). Good luck on your server.
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        Yeah i remember all the information you told me, but i had alot more people tell me more information that pushed my investigation further.

        With the Higher level Frag, some class's can ignore many of the priest abilities, from curses to blood pool, the rogue for example can counter 100% of the priest abilities just from using frag.. without even mentioning the stealth stun and having to randomly time a death cometh to something you have no idea is coming.

        I never looked at the game like a puzzle.. but with the many bugs that priest seem to have, and the many differences R2 has compared to other versions of Crystal Saga, it kind of did become a puzzle, putting all the information together and then comparing it in a balanced environment.
        Along with the lack of communication from R2 in regards priests, i mean.. 7month old bugs that didn't get fixed with no confirmation or even a "we are looking into it" see what i mean.

        What i have seen from other class's that hit for 4mil-9mil in 2 seconds without cashing at all, compared to a heavily cashed priest who could possibly hit for 2-4mil, and this is with all Holy/Hybrid/Blood spec priests.
        -That's like a Priest max damage + more.. with way more crystal used than someone who has used none..
        -The enjoyment factor relies completely on priests ability to cash money to stand a chance.

        Anyone can say "it depends how you play" but when it is considered by everyone, even yourself in the post im replying to, that the priest requires alot of crystal to be on the same level to be able to win a fight against players running another class and not cashing a single dollar.

        So a free Priest player.. vs a free any other class player... Priest has no chance..

        Everything comes down to balance, and the priest doesn't balance.

        None of this stuff matters anyway, why? because all the new systems that require crystal , or years of game time to utilize the benefits of it.

        I only heard the new rebirth info as a rumour, because there is no FAQ evidence of information on it from R2, like we have nothing to look forward to, just one day it will be added, or a forum mod will drop some info randomly somewhere like 1 week before it happens.