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Hit rating!

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  • Hit rating!

    Hi ive been wondering how hit rating works and how it affects rangers. Ive got a couple of questions and i hope experienced players can share their knowledge about this mechanic.

    Question (some of my questions have pretty obvious answers but ill just put it out there for the record.)
    1. What is hit rating?
    2. How can someone increase hit rating / any other equips that give + hit?
    3. Does hit rating increase damage for rangers?
    4. How high do you need to get your hit to never miss ever again?
    5. Hit vs dodge - do they cancel out each other?

    OR if there have been a post that can answer my questions please link it here. Thanks

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    no answer
    many things
    no and no for any other class
    when ur hit % is > the enemy dodge %


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      Monster handbook, heraldry, imbuing heraldry and certain normal equips that give hit. Divine system. Rune system. Soul, and more. Quite alot of things give hit/dodge, agility.
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        Thanks for the info mihonaco and kanyo.