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After rebirth > Full agi or not.

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  • After rebirth > Full agi or not.

    Ok so, im a (shadow)rogue. (first server / rogue im playing)
    i am lvl 43 Scion right now, and i was wondering which would be better.
    before rebirth i was full STR and now im going Full agi, so far i have like 53% dodge with yellow Savage on.
    i was wondering if its worth it or not to keep going full agi.

    i got myself a superior Frag VII +13(full flawless ruby) so i get loads of damage from that.

    What are the experiences of other rogue's ?

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    Full STR for the higher patk. Higher dodge really doesn't do much for you in PvP. I've tested 60%+ dodge vs. a knight (full slayers) and I still got hit by ~80% of autoatks and all skills, lawl. Crit can be nice but you can also get similar crit rates from upping soul. Right now, I'm at 53% crit vs. full agi scions that are ~57-60%.


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      dude full agile all the way i did that tested it the only reason why the knight hit alot of times cause of slayer gloves gives alot of hit rate but if you keep on going you will be un touchable trust me


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        guess ill keep testing it out till 80 or so