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    my rouge is now lvl 48, at my first 30 lvl, i am on shadow type with some help of combat skills.. When i reached lvl 44 I can finish the RV-NM with the help of my lvl 38 priest. when i reach lvl 45, I shift into pure combat mode. I don't know - but since i am on combat type, it's make me a hard time before I kill the dungeon boss in RV- NM compare with from my previous build which is shadow.. By now my stats builds is more on agi (200) with little addition on end and str, because I believe (kindly correct me if I am wrong) that the rouge damage and dodge are based on his stats. Now I am thinking if I reach the lvl 50, will I'm going back to shadow type or stay on combat.? And what stats build fits for each type (for example shadow + full str and combat + str/agi) .. I am also looking forward to use the Assassins Bloodforge Set + Fragarach weapon.
    This game is my "Pamatay -Umay"