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    Hello all, I normally come browse the forums for answers but i figure ill try to take some time out to maybe contribute myself. A basic rogue guide with my opinions on rogues and the pros and cons. Also i notice at lower levels you see a lot of rogues, but soon as you get to 30-40 you notice a lot less of them, I tend to notice a mass amount of mage and priest and then warriors and hunters. I have also read on other threads that a lot of people have had trouble saying there rogues are taking a lot of damage and a heavy potion user, but i have not experienced this issue, I will say that imo in some way a rogue is only as good as the gear he/she is wearing, but also having mad skills with the rogue class is a plus, as is each class, but the other classes imo have more going for them buffs, healing strikes, and etc, a rogue will be relying on passive talents and few strikes and that is about it.

    STAT POINTS: Depending on what you want to focus on if you want high dodge and crit rating, then use agility but remember you have talents on the shadow side with increase your crit massively and your gear will add agility so i recommend that you max strength. Having your skills do the rest gives you a higher damage and therefore higher crits. very fun.

    SKILL TREE: Click image for larger version

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    This should be the basic set up til level 1-40/50. On the left side of shadow tree, i just recommend 1 skill in each talent. So Slayers Cloak; Shadow Strike. That is it til 50, on the middle part of skill tree i would max these talents Shadow Rush and Improved Assassins thrust and 1 skill in these talents Assassins Thrust and Choke Hold. On the right side of the skill tree this can vary depending on what you think is best, I have one point in Slayers Speed; Slayers Sprint; Brutality; and I have 3 points in Slayer's Call. You could also just put one point in Slayer's Call and save for Brutality but imo i think having just one point in Brutality and using those other points for your crit rating was more beneficial. The main difference for lvl 50 + is when you reset your skills, you will want to go for Master Assassins Thrust, and this move here is going to be your basic skill used.
    Here is a common skills usage in order after stealth 1. Shadow rush for the daze then 2.Choke Hold for bonus damage then 3. Assassins thrust then 4. Shadow Strike then 1.shadow rush then 2.choke hold then 3. Assassins thrust. Most common rogue tactic, useful if you get the kill while they stay stunned, but i would recommend using your class to the fullest by letting others attack first then ambush your targets for quick kills and it is harder to focus on someone who is not there. You attack coming out of stealth finishing with Shadow strike to re enter stealth for a new target.

    PET: I have a baby demon, and will upgrade to a super demon, as a plus its one of the three most recommended pets, Teeka and angels are the other two. If you could try to go for a teeka due to its charm and heal makes your rogue soloing so much better imo. but i have yet to own one. you could also use a bear to absorb a percentage of damage. A pet is a crucial part to every char so try to make some effort in getting a good pet, i know some people who cant afford to buy crystals and buy a bunch of eggs, due what you can. I got lucky and won 2 baby demon eggs on dragon hunt and my very first egg hatched successfully.

    Soul: For soul development you can look at the many other guides strictly for soul. A lot more info are posted in there.

    Gear: I will be going for savage as most char/classes all choose this, savage will be what you will be aiming to get asap after 40 and try to participate in every seng and honor giving guild quest.

    Leveling: I have found this char to level faster than any other char i have had. Leveling to 40 through quest all the way to about 30 to 32, and grinding while questing to get your levels. For example soon as i hit 30 i always have a daily hunt up and i do try to do all optional quest possible to add to xp. And grind as much as possible when your gone by afking, a big key to leveling fast. just make sure the area you afk in is best, i have a hard time in some areas because ill find my char waiting for mobs, and this down time adds up so make sure you can always have your char active to make most use of the afking mode.

    If you have any questions or comments about this guide or some more information to add feel free, This is my first guide for this game and the only thing i ask is keep it professional and if the post stays open ill will add updates shortly as i reach high levels and get better gear.
    Thank you for you time, i hope i help a few people to repay all the help i have received from this awesome community.

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    Nice guide. Is this the product of Server maintenance? Ill make my own guide for combat rogue too .Haha xD


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      well i was afking and figure i would try to make use of my time, and when checking on talents i noticed i was dced with maintenance lost time to level. lol but i appreciate the comment.


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        nice try dude but ur lvl35 and ur patk was to low
        i have a rogue shadow lvl 46 his Patk has 1900 a hit 503+ 15% dogde 598+26%


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          how do you have 1900patk and your other stats?? cash?? equip?? or just a better build? if its a better build will you pop a guide on

          thanks for the guide any information can be helpful