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Hybrid Rouge Guide (Shadow+Combat)

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  • renz436
    started a topic Hybrid Rouge Guide (Shadow+Combat)

    Hybrid Rouge Guide (Shadow+Combat)

    This is my first guide so it might be a little shabby.
    This guide is about combining Shadow and Combat rouge to make a HYBRID rouge.

    -Has stealth and stun
    -High crit and damage output
    -Awesome combo
    -Perfect 1 on 1 fighter

    -Low pdef
    -Not the best in PVE (in my opinion)


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Char.PNG
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ID:	1735158

    Full STR- because you already have high crit and stun, all you need now is DAMAGE.


    Shadow Rouge Skill Tree:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Skills.PNG
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ID:	1735152

    Assasin's Thrust>> 1
    Shadow Rush>> 5 (4 sec stun)
    Choke Hold>> 1
    Imp. Assasin's Thrust>> 1
    Imp. Choke Hold>> 1
    Mas. Assasin's Thrust>> 1
    Slayer's Cloak>> 1
    Shadow Strike>> 1
    Crucify>> 1
    Knife Rush>> 1 (no need to add more than 1)
    Slayer's Speed>> 5 (you need the attack speed)
    Slayer's Call>> 5 (you want maximum crit rate)
    Slayer's Sprint>> 1
    Brutality>>1 (+50% crit rate for 8 secs)
    Slayer's Shadow>> 1
    Imp. Slayer's Call>> 5 (adds damage to your crits)

    Combat Rouge Skill Tree
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Skills 2.PNG
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Size:	102.0 KB
ID:	1735153

    Double Cut>> 1
    Blade Twist>> 5 (reduces enemy pdef by 35%)
    Triple Strike>> 1
    Imp. Double Cut>> 1
    Imp. Triple Strike>> 1
    Mas. Double Cut>> 1

    Skill Combo:

    Stealth>Shadow Rush>Brutality(optional)>Imp. Triple Strike or Triple Strike>Mas. Double Cut or Imp. Double Cut or Double Cut>Blade Sweep>Other damage skills>Shadow Strike>repeat from Shadow Rush

    This combo makes advantage of the stun using multiple attack skills with brutality.

    Savage Set/Epic Sets
    Fragarach Weapon
    Heart of Eden

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Equip.PNG
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Size:	109.8 KB
ID:	1735159

    Right now i have savage and i'm trying to upgrade to epic Bloodforge.
    For socketing..

    Headgear>> feel free to use what you want
    Armor>> i recommend Amber for pdef
    Gloves>> Rubies.. all rubies for damage
    Boots>> like headgear u can choose whatever you want
    Offhand>> put either Garnet gems or Fire opals for crit or attack speed
    Mainhand/Weapon>> Rubies.. FTW
    Ring>> if you can, put Fire opals here for crit damage
    Necklace>> Pink diamond gems, more attack speed=more crits

    Baby demon/Super Demon>> for more damage output

    AFK Mode Guide:

    Click image for larger version

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Size:	123.8 KB
ID:	1735157

    As you can see, i don't use much skills on AFKing because my normal attacks crit alot.
    You will level up fast because of high damage and crits.

    Please comment what you think about my first guide
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  • ADAM4801
    very helpful Ethereal city lvl 7 for now, shadow rouge hybrid

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  • fangydangymangy
    Necklace will only fit Kyanites(Cast Speed) Peridots(Hp Regen) and Citrines(Crit Defense) none of which any rogue should prioritize
    Ring-Fire Opals(Crit Damage) & Pink Diamonds(Attack Speed)

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  • sebastian1988
    That's a terrible build for a rogue.

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  • thepkmaster
    u dont need to put normal atk in afk it will auto hit~

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