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Calling All Agility Rogues

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    I believe I read that as you level up it requires more stats to achieve the same dodge%. Which is rather annoying. Don't see str going down as people level.
    Example; Level 1 char = 3 stats into agi = 1% dodge.
    Level 100 char = 30 stats into agi = 1% dodge.
    Well... That's my understanding from the guides and stuff I've read, whether it's true or not I can't really say.


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      someone posting my toon >< that 92% dodge is fully buffed, with "im no bird" title, and Frag weap equiped. I use my orange slayer for damage, and the frag for pvp. also my soul is agi-focused. i like combat style rogue cuz i have the defense to pull it off - id go shadow rogue, but that would be cheating - i am also using the Shadow passives - honestly would be retarded not to.
      currently saving soul shards to up my agi 8%more.
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Agility2.png
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ID:	1659866

        A few soul upgrades, I'm no bird title and improved equipment. - Not sure if I should leave my dodge around this mark and work on Spirit of Ice and Brilliance nodes or not after I put the last upgrade on Spirit of Void node.

        out of curiosity Dode, what is your MAXIMUM dodge rate that you can achieve?


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          funny you ask that, cuz i was messing around today, and found if i sit in TG and let 3-4 waves of mobs attack me, the feathered blessing buff continually goes off.. that on top of my 92% dodge made it a kewl 102% - throw in Vegabonds swiftness for 132% (briefly) mind you thats only lvl 1) so VS as lvl 5 would make 152% dodge for a short time, id say that is the MAXIMUM dodge i can attain thus far.
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          I just killed you in the time it took you to read that.


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            Ah, my maximum should be 173%
            84% gear + 4% Priest buff + 50% Vaga + 15% Pet buff + 20% hit reduced with Blur lol.

            But a lot of that is situational - so 92% is max without wing buff or any other buffs besides priest buff >.>
            How is that in pvp?


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              LOL funny as heck, ill get ganked in seng, and just stand there in a waterfall of "dodge". great for avoiding deadly "strong shot" and whatever it is that mages hit so hard with. iv been thinking of maxing blur
              LISTEN! do you smell something?
              I just killed you in the time it took you to read that.


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                Im gearing for agility till its 100% crit chance in seng..then pumping the rest into str.
                Lil by lil my signature will become better.

                Ign: Sai
                Level: 130
                Class: Rogue
                Plane: Eidolon
                Honor: Emperor
                Server: (S31)TreeOfLife
                Guild: Rebels
                Pet: DemonKing


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                  IGN: (S34)GodReigN
                  Server: Void Encampment
                  Class: Hybrid Pure Agi Rogue
                  Level: 120 Eidolon
                  Guild: REBELS

                  " I am The Ancient God of Shadow and Wind
                  I Stand under One Sky of The Dark Age
                  I Bestow Nightmare upon My Enemies
                  I Breath Despair and Endless Calamity
                  My Presence is beyond The Everlasting Horror "

                  " I don't always show emotion.
                  But when I do, It's like the second coming of Jesus "


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                    Awesome stats Majestique.

                    Time to update this thread with my current stats. - All buffed also, including Lv 5 Blessing of Light (Seal Broken)

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sx9Sr.png
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Size:	145.7 KB
ID:	1661980


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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	me.JPG
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ID:	1664340

                      same blessing etc but i guess my soul is really lacking ill get there eventually
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                        dont click on that pic of the rogue stats btw, it threw me to a pron site, but after viewing it awhile, wasnt so bad, just unexpected