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Agility vs strength

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  • Agility vs strength

    Hmm not sure wether to keep str higher or try agility higher again. Most rpgs go off the wizards of the coast way where rogues use dexterity (same as agility) for there melee attacks in place of the strength that other chars use but crystal saga hasnt done that so hmm. I was quite shocked at the things some people said to me when I had my agil higher (abusive nasty comments I wont bother mentioning) since agil/dex is supposed to be the rogues main stat. Constuructive critism is welcome, abuse will be reported and ignored. ty
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    u need more health,dodge, and crit. im a lvl 74 mortal rogue and i have higher health and crit ur dodge is high from ur slayer cuz my gears dont give dodge.


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      From what I've heard is go pure agi after rebirth. You can get your PATK from ruby gems, but as a mortal it's normally a mix of agi and str cause you don't have any gems to help with your PATK. But agi gives you crits and dodge, and for rogues, you need to have every hit a crit cause if you can't kill someone after that stun your in big trouble. normally that is.

      But ofc, I've only dabbed a bit on rogues, so idk so much, prob better to ask some pro rogues
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        hoe to reset my skill points???