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  • Comparing Rogues

    Rogue 1 Pets : firelord demonking bonedragon panda baby young panda

    Rogue 2 young panda

    no health orbs no cloak and stats only

    Edit: forgot pets are on

    probably should of made this in server forums
    Rogue 1
    Rogue 2
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    You Suck at marking out the names lol


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      lol, comparing DeadlyRogue and Shadow o.o

      If you were to fight without HO, Cloak, pets, then you wouldn't have had taken a photo of their pet then...

      Both of them were my friends in S63, but I find those a perfect match for rivalry.

      There are a few things you should know before you compare them:

      DeadlyRogue has put stats into both AGI and STR, while Shadow put full STR.

      Dodge rate:

      Shadow's Dodge rate: 34 - 19 = 15 (15% dodge rate.)

      Deadly's Dodge rate: 29 - 25 = 4 (4% dodge rate.)

      (as said above it shows how Deadly put AGI; though it would only be significantly helpful towards Crit, but not as much as AGI. This is a perfect example of why people perfer full STR.)

      THOUGH, because of Shadow's 7/7 Savage set he has again, a higher crit rate. (2% more.) Also, both Defense and HP are fairly balanced (Defence is equal because of DMG Reduct, and HP is fairly the same).

      All in all, because of all those things I noted (since there isn't any known rank for soul) I would have to go with Shadow that he will win (stats wise. He may have a terrible build or put all his points into Passives, but that isn't put here so we cannot exactly know who would win. I mean, if you put all your points into Passives and you only have auto attack but you LOOK really pro, you just got the auto attack so you can barely kill. Maybe he was buffed that time. We do not know for sure. But you cannot exactly know who'd win as they look like they are very balanced, which makes them a perfect pair for rivalry.
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