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Combat Rogue to Shadow Rogue.

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  • #16
    Nope. Combat lost their purpose when atk became significant better than defense and hitrates raised to 80%+.
    Most rogues can't pull off enough dodge to survive as combat rogue, nor can a combat rogue solo ladder as fast as a shadow rogue.

    Combat rogues are just walking bait against semi decent players. (especially semi decent mages)


    • #17
      No1 has hitrates above 80% besides rangers, everyone else still on the 30-50% range. And thats y i said OP rogues, they will be able to pull off the dodge needed.


      • #18
        Your server is just underdeveloped. On my server 80%+ is common.
        Some rangers break 100%.


        • #19
          Im on S60 a unmerged server, and even looking at every r2 server, theres only 1 class with hit% above 60% and thats rangers, every other class is under 60%, even the mega cashers. But a combat rogue with 100-110%dodge only really has to worry about rangers, which on my server there are few, and for a OP rogue it wouldnt be a issue as we have no really good rangers.