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S64 SlainAgain's Mortal Agility build

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  • SlainAgain
    started a topic S64 SlainAgain's Mortal Agility build

    S64 SlainAgain's Mortal Agility build

    People have been asking about my build, and trying to match it and stuff so here goes;


    Full Agility. (of course, you're MADE for dodging!)

    The point of this build is to last long in fights - not for killing super-duper fast. (and it works very well, I can only be killed in about 5 vs 1 in Sengolia - with the exception of those top players.)

    Skill tree:

    So the point here, as I've said is for lasting long in ganks or whatever. You will not be maxing ANYTHING except for your passives.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	rogueguide1.png
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    Click image for larger version

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    Let's go through this.
    Blur: Will be maxed when level 74 when I have enough skill points - do not underestimate this skill, and max it when you're Scion+.
    Shadow Slap: Keep it at level 1 - you just need it to rip pots off knights in Sengolia or you can use it for Plundering (helps alot)
    Slayer's Deftness: We're made to dodge - this increases our dodge rate by 10%, which will be very important in this build.
    Slayer's March: You do not need to run, when you have a good dodge rate. - keep it at level 1 to get to the good skills.
    Vagabond's Swiftness: Surely helpful when being teamed up on, max when Scion or Eidolon.
    Improved Slayer's Deftness: Gives a pretty good Dodge boost - max it.
    Decimation and Imp. Viper's Touch? Just keep Viper's at level 1, and Decimation at level 2. Decimation is a nice AoE Stun skill - you just need a stun or root to get people off their mounts so it'll be harder to kite for them.
    Slayer's Speed: We're rogues - we need Attack Speed, don't we? Max it.
    Slayer's Call: A good Crit boost. If you already have a good crit chance, you can take 3 points off that and max your Decimation.
    Slayer's Sprint: Good for escaping if you're that kind of rogue that would like to run/lure into a tight line so you can use your Combat skills in a nice line, or if you just want to run!

    So basically - keep all your attacks at level 1 so you have points for Passives.

    I think that if you are a casher and is able to get BoL SB Level 5? That's great. You'll be unstoppable - the role model of all rogues. I however am a non-casher, and I tie pretty well with knights and casher rogues.

    Here are my stats:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	rogueguide2.png
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ID:	1739594

    (I have no buffs here, only Silent Destroyer's +8% crit rate title.)

    As you can see, I have a good chance of dodging, and I can always just use Vagabond's Swiftness as a last resort, I dodge more than I get hit as well, maybe I'm just lucky.

    Let's talk about the EQUIPMENT.

    I would generally use Savage (assuming you are a rogue, you gotta be a good killer in PvP and should have Yellow-Purple at my level.), Savage everything BUT the boots. For boots, you should be using the Epic Armor Sets, as the boots give PATK, Agi, and Dodge %. That means that it increases the percent to dodge out of 100 - it doesn't increase the base stats, so say I have 46% dodge right now, it'll give me 47% dodge if I were to be equipping Bloodforged Boots, take note EVERY. single. % counts. If you would like to sometimes flee from a big mob which you know you have no hope against, then I would put the 2 boots on my hotkey bar and switch it around so I am able to have the best of both of those 2 boots.

    Now, you have the Equip, the skills, the stats, now what?


    I am a weird rogue - I think living longer is a great idea in fights, rather than killing anyone in just 2-3 hits. I like to put my ice at around level 7 just in case I do not dodge some hits, I will be able to tank it. Then I move on to Brilliance and Void - the biggest 2 parts of the Soul for a rogue! Keep your eyes on Numbness (light soul) you're a DPS, you should be hitting very fast and frequently you don't need the 4 sec stun Shadow gives you. Forgiveness (void soul) so you may be stunned, but you will not be for long. Illusion (Void) Dodge and Agility, duh! and any other soul nodes that give Crit chance/damage %. Other nodes that inicrease PATK will surely be great as well, but those are the best nodes that you should be looking for.

    Feel free to comment on anything you think can be changed for the better, feedback is appreciated.

  • KmK69
    thank you slain for this guide i have been looking and looking for a rogue guide for a while now when i started i went rogue and didnt have a cluw on what to do but when the new server comes our ( s71) i will go rogue and listen to this great advice. will you be doing a build for 80+ scion and edilion?

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  • SlainAgain
    Originally posted by Haphaestus View Post
    Not bad, get BoL and u be set.
    Shame I'm not a casher... I'm getting 5 roses everyday for myself to get BoL level 5 or maybe I can slowly turn in roses into crystal and get BoL? #24 Sounds like it'll take a few years.

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  • Haphaestus
    Not bad, get BoL and u be set.

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