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GM's refuse to compensate my item

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  • GM's refuse to compensate my item

    i lost 73 gpows due to a game glitch now the gm's are telling me since the glitch was fixed due to recent update the item sending period is over? its over?????? what do you mean its over you wont send me anything ??? for the items i lost i mean i lost them before the glitch was fixed now since it got fixed i jsut sit here upset i lost my item and boohoo me? what is this?
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    Your filed case can only be and must be dealt with via support ticket. It is up to the sole discretion of the GMs on how they handle and address reports. You may re-open your ticket if it was deemed resolved and closed, however there is nothing more the forum can offer you as tickets are not under our jurisdiction.


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      can you even awnser how its fair in anyway.... how is it fair... i lose my items and thats all i get a we dont send items out anymore ... like seruoisly ticket was filed during the time the glitch was active... how is this even fair dammit....they took 5 days to respond 5 days...i mean there goes the whole time it would take them to send me it during the item sending periond i mean seriously i lost it monday i sent ticket that same day they fixed it thursday and now respond friday and say they wont send me....?


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        There can be many factors that led the GMs to proceed the way they did, however as stated, this issue is strictly between you, the individual assigned to your case, and the content discussed in your ticket. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your case, you may continue discussing the problem via ticket.


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          i tried they refuse to respond me.. could you get them to respond anything...


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            As previously stated, handling tickets is not under a forum moderator's jurisdiction. Any and all communication you wish to employ will need to be done yourself via ticket.