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i lost my alt account s9 bookworm

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  • i lost my alt account s9 bookworm

    please help before i lost my alts too, and now my last alt just gone too, today when i log in i dont c her next to my main char

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    First recall if you made your alt on the same account/server as your main. If you created an alt on any other account/server, it will not be accessible through any other portals aside from its place of origin.


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      yes reverie, can you look at my s9 bookworm too and the other char that i forgot its name, and on s9 pc1 is losing both of its alts too, and on s8 pc2 losing both of its alts too, one might name s8 goddessbless or something like that, please help thank you, i dont know if there is any connection with other server missing char or toon, but if it does please investigate thank you in advance


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        I will not be looking into your toons as it is not under my jurisdiction. You can report your "missing toons" via ticket here: You will need to briefly describe the issue as well as providing any screenshots you may have of your toons. As we've previously discussed in another thread, if you do not know the exact names of your toons, there's nothing we can do for you.


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          my ticket number is #166555 hopefully some one will look for my s9 bookworm alt,where i store my pet book thank you in advance to any one that can help me to look for it


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            Your ticket has been forwarded.