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Terms of service and banning of player

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    So technicly, i "Cant" trust anybody here on R2 games anymore?...
    •Class:Knight (Working on hybrid-ish 😊)
    •Server:S51Cimmerian Woodlands
    •Level: lv.60 ( Uber Nub x.x)
    •Pet:Golden Teddy Bear+13 💯. Super Demon :cool:
    •Please give credits to google for helping you with your homework. Thank you :) ✌


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      well not sure about most cases but in the one particular case i know the person very very well, and 3 of his accounts that HE made are banned, however the account that broke EULA by giving HIM the password were not banned. so it seems r2 plays favorites and reserves the right to delete anything they dont want to see or hear. hopefully vip's canceled everywhere due to this post