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How long.. To wait the last server -_-

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  • How long.. To wait the last server -_-

    Im a player of crystal saga for 4 years i have friends,items and more im creating and creating per new server will come i still wait it i only want was credit card to charge an account and i will play i still waiting it.

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    what can i do if some player scam me??


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      ignore them and report try at forums


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        The servers wond really soon as players are incresing per year .Also new and new maps are being creted so they will create as many servers as they could.U could stay in a fixed server and play though its ur choice
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          As long as the game still runs, I don't believe there will be a "last server", simply due to the fact that there will always be brand new players looking into playing the game. Said new players mostly prefer to start in a fresh server where everyone is still on a relatively equal level rather than joining age-old servers where everyone is already OP, thus making it increasingly difficult for new players to catch up or even keep up.

          As for the scamming question, if you were scammed in-game (I.E. "I wanted to buy a costume with gold, but the seller took my gold and didn't give me the costume"), nothing can be done to remedy the unfortunate occurrence. There are no refunds for trades conducted in-game, nor can we punish anyone for poor trade ethics. To prevent future scams, it would be ideal to spruce up on how you conduct your trades. Make sure the seller is legitimate -- ask around to see if they've honestly traded with anyone else (or scammed anyone that you're not aware of). Also take into consideration whether or not the items you are trying to obtain is tradable (costumes can be traded via Trade window) or gift-only.