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Payment issues / VIP / UltimatePay

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  • Payment issues / VIP / UltimatePay

    hello, why i can't buy VIP thru those payments that supported by UltimatePay? please fix that problem GM's?

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    Ultimate Pay and any other extensions associated with the Ultimate Game Card company will no longer be usable after October, as they are retiring. You will need to resort to another method of payment upon checkout.


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      so after October the other payments will be added back into the checkout list right? like all of them in 1 place and it's the checkout list of payments...


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        Currently, the team is still poking around to see what other payment option(s) is best suited to replace UGC. A replacement may or may not be immediately available after UGC is officially out in October; it's all dependent on what the devs find.
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