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  • ilovecats10000
    started a topic vip


    want to what to because i just got on email saying i just bought vip this month on FireDragon and i did not so i really need to what i have to do i have used the crystal yet and i really do not want my mom mad at me for buying something i did not buy and i it should not have been to to renew my vip anyway i did not get it till the 4th of last month or do u all have a about buy on vip if so it needs to be changed so please oh please tell me what i need to do and if your to ask me to screen shot something i can't because my laptop will not let me screen shot so other then that i just need to know what to do thank you for your time

  • Reverie
    When you subscribe to VIP, it automatically renews itself each month. Players must manually cancel their VIP subscription in order to prevent recurring charges. If you'd like, you may request a refund via ticket and provide an explanation as to why a refund is necessary. Keep in mind that after a refund has been issued, the account receiving the refund will be banned as per R2 Refund & Chargeback policy.
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