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  • Kellynka
    started a topic Ticket system

    Ticket system

    Hello, idk exactly how to name this tread but i would like to ask if somebody were really reading filed tickets since 31th of july??!!!!!!
    Because in that time i have sent my ticket no #144291 about corruption bug with mage skill - ice crystal.

    and i recieved those kind of replies:

    R2 Fannie 01 Aug 14

    Hello Kellynka,
    Thank you for you information. We’ve reported the problem to the Project Team and they’ve been working on your case now. Please wait with patience. If you have any other problems, please let us know.

    -The R2Games Team

    After that time r2 had problem with ticket system so i have been patiently waiting to be able contact them again :X
    When it was possible i i contacted them again and even asked Reverie about checking my ticket status and and Rev asked about reforwarding

    The reply i recieved afterwards was :

    R2 Fannie 18 Aug 14

    Hello (S55)Abbie,
    Sorry to respond you so late. We’ve reported this problem to the relevant department and they’ve been working on it. Once it got fixed, we will inform you ASAP. Please wait with patience. Thank you for your understanding.

    -the R2Games Team

    I have been contacting r2 support everytime with the same thing answering their answers and what i have got?

    Click image for larger version

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    Is this joke? or R2 means this serious? THE problem still werent solved its 4th of September i sent my ticket for 1st time about this issue at 31th of July.

    Im asking myself What is R2 doing all this time? And why that issue with bug isnt solved yet?! Ticket system again doesnt work so i wonder if r2 will ever do something to make enjoyable game for players.
    Im asking again if there is possibility to reforward the ticket with number #144291.

    Thank you

  • Reverie
    Tickets are not closed manually unless the issue is actually resolved. The ticket system automatically closes tickets that have been idle for awhile as a clean-up process is all -- you can open the ticket right back up with another post. Upon forwarding your ticket, I was informed that the issue is being looked into, so you'll have to sit tight while they work on it.

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  • Kellynka
    Thank you Reverie you are awesome.
    Im sure it takes time and isnt easy to fix that. But it feels very weird when answer from r2 seems like they try to close that ticket and not solve the problem.
    I know that they are having problems with ticket system. Cuz when i try send them e-mail with reply or try to reply in support menu its not possible to see that i have sent mail already.

    I will try be more patient :X

    *goes to buy hair color cuz my hairs turning grey with r2*

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  • Reverie
    Thread moved to General Support.

    Skill bugs are not a quick and easy fix, also considering the various other tasks the team has at hand. The ticket itself closes when it has not been updated for a period of time, however you can easily re-open the ticket by submitting another post. I will forward the ticket once more, however as stated by the individual assigned to your ticket, you will be informed when the issue has been resolved.

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