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Hoader in Cof

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  • Hoader in Cof

    There are bugs after the maintenance where we hit hoarder for 1 dmg and gain no gold with no health drop.

    Can this be solved asap?

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    chambers of fate is bugged

    I went intp the hoarder's room it doesnt give money anymore plz fix this


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      Hoarder Bug?

      So for the past 2 days in cof I noticed that the hoarder takes only 1 damage and you don't receive gold pet hit, is this a bug or was this changed by the GM's? Do we have to be op now to kill the hoarder and receive gold now?
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        Thread merged.

        There's a good chance the debug team tinkered with the hoarder in Chambers of Fate in order to put a stop to players glitching said hoarder for large quantities of gold. I will ask around and confirm whether this is a bug or an intentional [unannounced] patch.


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          Or they just could have removed the HP recovery over time >.<


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            ya the hoarder b (1.5g per hit) isnt working on the kabam server you hit it for 1 damage and gain no gold


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Log.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	156.8 KB
ID:	1694134 Hoarder Still Bug .. :/


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                you need pf now and/or demon lord wings to kill them