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how come ive lost all my charcacters >.>

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  • how come ive lost all my charcacters >.>

    Ive been playing CS for a while then i was on break from it, then when i went back on, it says i have to make new charcacters wth is this ?

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    First make sure you're using the account your toons were bound to as well as accessing the original server(s) of which you created your toons on. There are also terms for automatic toon deletion, which you can review here: If you are sure of the account, server, and your toon(s) do not fall under the auto-deletion conditions, you can file a ticket here: Include your IGN along with the server, and the GMs will take a look around.


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      I dont remember the server or the IGN but it should be on the recent went on servers i think it was B somethign


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        There's a good probability you're attempting to access servers your toons did not originate from. As it sounds like the case, you will simply need to go through the servers to find out where you've left them.